Sex On The Beach...  

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6/5/2006 1:41 pm

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Sex On The Beach...

In the taxi on the way back from our dive trip, I tell Robert how hot I thought Juan Carlos, our dive master was and how great it would be to fuck both of them while I was in Cabo. So with that, Robert says to give him a call and make it happen. God damn, Robert is just sooo good to me.

That evening, Juan Carlos came to pick us up at our condo. He told us that he thought it would be nice to go out on his boat and take a dinner cruise around the bay. We did this and it was wonderful. JC really showed us a good time. Once we were all done with our little tour, he took us back to Lover's beach at which point we docked the boat and went to the beach to play.

Let me just tell you that the one other time I actually did have sex on a beach, it was not such a great experience but this time I was prepared. I had Juan Carlos bring some blankets. There is nothing worse than having sand up your ass believe me.

By the way, Lover's Beach is not in the tourist section, therefore, it was secluded. So only the 3 of us were there at the time, and it was so fucking hot to fuck like that out in the open while there was still a hint of daylight out.

Robert and Juan violated me every fucking possible way you can imagine. I was sucking, getting fucked, on top, on the side, in the air. Damn, I didn't even think my fat ass could bend in the ways these 2 guys had me. It was sooo fucking intoxicating, I wasn't even sure if I could stand up to get myself back on the boat but I managed.

I must say it was the best lovin' I ever got. They really took care of all my needs. And the best part was that I didn't get too sandy at all. Right on!

Well, I need to go suck Robert's dick one last time before we leave here today.

I hope you enjoyed my little story.

hockey609 51M
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6/5/2006 3:15 pm

That is a hot story.

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