Rock Star Karaoke is way better than American Idol...  

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5/1/2006 12:18 am

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Rock Star Karaoke is way better than American Idol...

OK for anyone who has never been to House of Blues on Rock Star Karaoke night you MUST go and check it out. These singers are so friggin' good you feel like you are at a real rock show. I am not into the whole karaoke thing but a bunch of people were getting together to go check it out so I went and it was worth it in more ways then one.

First of all, everyone is fucking HOT. I mean sexy hot. Hell, it's HOB and everyone is a rockstar there. Immediately my attitude changed from what a boring time I'm going to have tonight to oh wow I'm so getting laid tonight.

I couldn't tell you how many great singers there were. I mean all of them were fucking awesome not to mention easy on the eyes. So of course the next question is do I wanna bang one of the American Idol wannabes or just some hottie in the audience. My question was answered with superstar Mike's performance.

Yeah when this babydoll got on the stage and took the mic and busted out a Fuel song, I was like that's the one. So I checked to see if any girl was lurking around that might be his SIGNO and when the coast was clear, I started making the googlie eyes at him. I guess Mike must be a tit man because my large breasts got his attention.

Anyway to make a long story short, there was no SIGNO and he did join me and my entourage for cocktails after his gig. He introduced me to some of his friends and of course as most of you know, I did the friendly thing by hosting a nightcap at my house for about a dozen or so horny people. I did spend most of the following day cleaning the pool and shocking it with chlorine because I'm pretty sure everyone who came over had sex in it. The hot tub was off limits though because I just fucked in it the night before and didn't get a chance to shock it yet and I wouldn't do that to anyone. I'm a little OCD when it comes to clean up after a Soak N Poke party.

So basically now this guy Mike won't leave me the fuck alone. Ever since that night he has been calling and calling. I'm like dude, I'm for fun not forever. I had my fun with you now be gone. If you think I'm going to start dating you you have GOT to be kidding me. I'm not going to date anyone as long as I have my massage table of ecstasy. I mean hell, everyday I'm on a different date, right?

I hope he finally got the message tonight when I told him that he can't sing for shit. That was pretty mean, huh? Well I really didn't mean it but the guy won't leave me alone. How many times do you have to ask someone not to call before they get the hint so I had to be mean to him. I mean I know it's hard for a man to resist Amberlicious but cum on guys, have some self control would ya!

OK I'm off to go masturbate and then to bed. I'll be back with more stories soon...stay tuned!


5/1/2006 3:35 pm

When they wont leave you alone, you have to do, what you have to do. Nothing wring on your part.

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