More AFF Tales From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...  

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3/6/2006 9:28 pm

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More AFF Tales From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...

What a day! Normally, I work at the spa on Mondays but I had the day off because I was getting an estimate on some work on my house. Turned out the appraiser guy came earlier than expected so I hopped on AdultFriendFinder to see if anyone wanted a massage today. I was bored and horny as hell so I could use a little ass on my table this afternoon.

As luck would have it (names have been changed to protect the innocent) Gerry Baby was online. Yeah I been eyeing up Gerry for sometime. I told him to cum on over. First up let me just tell you Gerry is way way way hotter in person than in his pictures and in his pictures he is pretty damn hot. So far so good.

As he stripped down for his massage the first thing I checked out was you guessed it...ASS. A nice one at that. Gerry is in very good shape and his ass was firm. Nice and spankable. We'll get to that later.

While I was giving Gerry his much needed massage, he was telling me about his AdultFriendFinder adventures. Wow! Gerry has got the AdultFriendFinder thing down to a science--very impressive. My pussy is dripping with all the wild stories he is telling me. I mention that my fuck buddy and I want to have an orgy with another couple or two. I guess you can say I was hinting around that maybe Gerry can hook us up. I know I'd love to fuck him. By the time I got to rubbing Gerry's ass I was already day dreaming of what it would be like to have my tongue all over that beautiful butt while my man fucks the hell out of me from behind. My mind can wander sometimes.

I have to say Gerry had a very nice cock (haven't really met one that I haven't liked) but his balls were incredible. They were enormous. I know he was saving up his load for me but even after he gave me his man juice, his balls were still huge.

Later on after Gerry left, I called up my fuck buddy Robert and told him all about Gerry. Hopefully, we can all get together sometime for drinks and get acquianted so we can be a little more adventurous in the weeks and months to cum.

Part 2 cummming up....

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