I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up...  

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6/10/2006 6:39 am

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I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up...

I noticed that lately I have been doing the to be continued thing on some of my blog entries but then I never get to part two of the story. I guess it's because I am easily distracted or something else comes up.

Let me just fill you in on a pretty funny story that happened a few weeks ago while me and my friends were over at PURE to celebrate my girl Linda's 33rd birthday.

So Linda brings this really attractive guy with her to the party, his name is Tim. Tim is pretty hot by most standards and looked like a total badass with his big muscles and colorful ink up and down his arms. He seemed pretty nice as well when you got to talking to him.

For those of you who don't know, the nightclub has a stage that people can dance on, hang out on, what have you. Generally, VIP area is on the stage. Since we were having a party there, we had the whole stage reserved for our guests.

After a few hours of drinking and dancing I was feeling pretty good but I need to rest my feet because dancing in hooker heels can do a number on them. I go over to the sofa on the stage where one of my friends starts rubbing my feet. At which point, Tim and Linda come up to me and ask me if I want to join them in a "quickie". At first I thought they were fucking with me but no they meant it. Well hell yeah I want to join you. DUH.

We head over to part of the stage that cannot be seen if you were looking directly at it. No security was there either. Linda being the PURE slut that she is knows this place like the back of her hand and guided us to the right spot. Once there, Tim undid and dropped his pants so Linda and I can suck his surprisingly small dick. Yes folks, for such a hot piece of ass of a man, he had a small penis. Regardless of that disappointment, I was still committed to the task at hand.

After sucking him off to completion, I was ready to go back to the sofa but Tim demanded I stick around because he wanted to fuck me first. Who am I to argue but under these small penis circumstances I told him I must get back. He insisted he could rock my world so I said what the hell and bent over for him and lifted my skirt. I wasn't wearing any panties in anticipation of getting fucked at some point this evening.

As Tim is going to town working his small dick into my wet pussy, I think Linda was somewhere around doing her thing. I recall bending over holding on to this dohickey thing that wasn't very stable. As Tim continued to pathetically ram his small rod into me, all I can remember telling him was ease up dude I'm going to fall over and with that, I fell right off the fucking stage. Yeah thankfully I had the hindsight to pull my skirt down before my fat ass toppled off the stage. As I lay there laughing so hard that I almost pee myself, all I can think of is that commercial "I've fallen and I can't get up."

Tim and Linda helped me up and they seemed pretty concerned. I didn't hurt myself or anything like that but it was pretty fucking hilarious. I wish someone would have caught that on video. Needlesstosay, Tim wanted to help me feel better. I told him the only thing that would make me feel better is if he got a penis enlargement. He seemed really offended after that but you know what, I felt cheated. How dare he look that good on the outside and have a dick the size of my thumb. HOW DARE HE?

I guess some of my other friends who were with us that night thought it would be funny to tell those who couldn't join us that I broke my hip falling off the stage at PURE. Therefore, for the next 2 weeks all I heard about when people called my house was "How's your hip?" Ha Ha. Very funny people.

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