Diver Down....  

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6/5/2006 1:16 pm

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Diver Down....

Ahhhh Cabo San Lucas... beautiful beaches, blue water, and hooooooooooooooooooottttttttttt men! Fuck yeah! So my former fuck buddy, Robert, invites me for a 5 day trip down in Cabo for some "diving" and relaxation. He calls me from his assignment in West Africa last week and asks me if I want to get away with him. Well I must say I was a very good girl the last 2 months since he and I parted ways but I decided that I might as well join him in Cabo. I mean why the hell not, right? He is fucking hot as hell, he fucks me right, and he is the one who wants me there. Of all the girls in the world for him to pick, he chooses me. Fuck Yeah, I am there!

The first 2 days we barely leave our condo. We haven't seen each other since the first week in April so immediately we are all over each other sucking and fucking and touching and licking and every other possible thing you can imagine we are doing to each other's body. Lots of wine, champagne, hot tubin', and just good ole lovin'. The chemistry between us is just intense. If you would have met me a year ago and said this 55 year old dude is going to be the best fuck of your life, I would have laughed at you. Now, I can't even believe how good it is to have this man inside me. Just looking at him sleeping right now is enough to make me so fucking hot, I will surely wake him up with a blow job as soon as I am done writing this story for you.

OK, so we finally leave our room Saturday morning to do some diving down at Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach. These 2 areas are not the easiest dives in Cabo but I am PADI certified in Northeastern waters (Long Island Sound to be exact) so I can pretty much dive anywhere and be ok. I mean once you learned to dive in water so cold and merky as the Northeastern Seaboard, a little roughness in the Sea of Cortez is nothing! Hell, at least you can see for miles and miles.

We hire a water taxi to take us out to the bay since we missed the dive boat because we were too busy getting in one last fuck before we left. Once we arrived, we caught up with the original dive boat we were suppose to be on. After diving for about 90 minutes or so, we surfaced and returned to the boat. As Robert was talking to the dive master, I began to notice how attractive he was. I'm not all that attracted to Mexican men but I think this guy was another Latin decent because he was extremely tall, and very handsome--sorta like an Antonio Banderas without the greasey hair. Anyway, I was eyeing him up and he caught me staring at him so I just do what I usually do when I get caught and blew him a kiss.

A short while later, the dive master comes up to me and starts talking to me and begins to get all flirty. I tell ya, that kiss blowing thing works everytime. Before you know it, I was under the deck in my wet suit sucking the dive masters cock while Robert was doing who knows what up stairs and the other divers were now coming up from their dives and boarding the vessel. It didn't take Juan Carlos long to bust his hot nut and with that, I zipped up my dive suit and went back on deck and joined Robert and the others. I gave JC my phone number and told him to call me if he wanted more attention in the next few days.

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