Another Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...  

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4/27/2006 4:51 pm

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Another Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...

Hello again my friends! Today I bring you the story of Tim, the newest AdultFriendFinder member to cum to my massage table of ecstasy.

For the most part, almost everyone who comes to get a massage has already experienced a massage with someone else. Whether it be good or bad at least they know what to expect. Timmy here was a massage virgin! That's right! In all his 40 years he has never experienced a massage clinical or otherwise until today! Who better to pop his cherry than the massage diva herself, right?

I can sense right off Tim was a little nervous. He wasn't sure if he should take off all his clothes or not. Cum on baby don't be shy I told him, I want to see it all. The whoooooole package. I had to explain to Tim what a full body massage entailed so this way he would calm down a bit.

Once I got his back muscles warmed up, he seemed to relax a bit. I'm not sure what the big fear is that people have about getting a massage but a lot of people who come to the spa I work at get the jitters before their massage. Go figure.

Anyway, Tim was relaxing just fine as I rubbed his soar, aching back. Of course the whole time I have a nice view of his cute butt. You can always tell a guy who takes care of himself physically because his butt is nice and firm. As you already know I just love looking at a hot ass on my table and Tim had such a nice one. Unfortunately for me, I did not want to smack that bad boy up because this was afterall his first massage and I certainly did not want to scare the guy. If I happen to see him again, I will certainly spank that ass. His butt was so adorable, it made you just want to lean over and spread those ass cheeks of his and you know...just rim that ass. I was in heaven but like I said, I did not want to scare poor Timmy.

When it came time to put that fat anaconda in my hands, I was already wet from the excitement of massaging this hottie with the fine body. The juices were flowing and all I really wanted to do was put that bad boy down my throat but like I said, Tim here needed baby steps. I mean I do want him cumming back for more if ya know what I mean. Tim also made it pretty clear that it has been a while for him but I already can tell that by the size of his enormous balls. I knew I was going to be in for such a treat when it came time for him to explode. And what a job he did! I just love a man who can make a mess like that. What a fucking turn on, it was so hot I almost passed out from excitement.

Hopefully, I will get to see Tim again real soon now that his massage cherry has been popped. I'm going to go masturbate now. You all have a great day.


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4/27/2006 5:50 pm

Sounds like fun was had by all...

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