A Hot Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...  

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6/12/2006 10:00 am

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A Hot Tale From My Massage Table of Ecstasy...

I know I have written many tales from my massage table of ecstasy in the past but this last one is the best by far. Maybe not the tale itself but the hottie who came to visit me. Now, I have had some really cute guys cum to my table over that last year...celebs, athletes, and even a CK underwear model but no one and I mean no one has rocked my world like this adonis Jeff from Salt Lake City.

Now, gentlemen, please don't be offended. I enjoy each and every one of you and each experience is special to me but something about this Jeff guy from SLC just did me in. I don't know if it was his powerful good looks, his great body, his hard ass or what. Just something about him made me cream my panties the minute he walked through the door.

Immediately I started laying on the charm--ya know asking about his job, life, etc and trying to get a feel for how comfortable he was getting around me. Once I felt he was pretty cozy, I started the massage. Sometimes people like to talk and sometimes they don't. Thankfully, Jeff was a talker. We covered a lot of ground. From growing up to jobs to ex's to swinging to masturbation...you name it. It's refreshing that someone can just ease into conversation like that without being shy or nervous.

As the massage progress, I made it abundtly clear that I was extremely attracted to Jeff paying lots of compliments and paying even more attention to that fine ass of his. My God that is one piece of ass I wanted to sink my teeth into. I didn't because I did not want to scare him just yet.

If any of you have been to my table of ecstasy, you know that I give one hell of a head and neck massage. This is my favorite part because this is where I get to exam a man's face. I am a face person first and foremost. If your face is all banged up, I don't care how hot the rest of you is, it's just not going to happen. So here I was examining Jeff's beautiful face when the urge to just kiss him took over. I said fuck it, I'm going for it. Next thing you know our lips were locked and my bra and panties were coming off.

I didn't even realize how big his cock was until it was in my mouth. I guess I was so consumed by his debonaire good looks that I didn't really pay attention until he was fucking my molars with his huge prick. He wasted no time cumming all over my tits. After a few minutes of downtime to recharge, I was bent over my massage table taking that anaconda cock deep inside my drenched pussy. Jeff fucked me so hard that a few times we had to shift positions so we didn't fall over the table. That was one hot fuck let me tell you. I had to sit down when he was done because I was dizzy, and that rarely happens.

Once we both gained our composure, he told me he was cumming back to town in a week and wanted to know if we can do this again. Well, duh.

OK, I really need to go masturbate now because my pussy is soaking fucking wet. Have a great day.

rm_MickeyB0423a 57M

6/24/2006 6:33 am

One day soon I will have to experience the Amber's massage table for myself. I'm no underwear model, but I do wear underwear. Does that count? Thanks for the continuing exploits.

rm_blacknoble 40M

6/24/2006 8:52 pm

Amber I want to help you out, you don't have to masterbate if you have me around, I like to lick pussy and I will be more than willing to lick that nice round ass of yours.

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