The woods 4  

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5/26/2006 3:51 am
The woods 4

He watches her... unable to move... never has he seen one like her... never besides the goddess... Has she returned to him? this one is not she... but she is soo beautiful... He can only stand and stares as he watches her... wanting to comfort her but suddenly aware of how frightening he must seem to her... How to make her understand... As he ponders it she seems to shudder and then pass out. A quick step and then he stops. 'If she wakes in my arms she may die of fright, what do I do?' He wonders. Even as he stands there and worries over what to do she awakens. He freezes, watching her, trying not to scare her to death.

The words float to him and it's as if she has pieced his heart with a dagger... "Kill me quickly" she begs. His blood runs cold at the thought. He would sooner lay down his own life than hurt this one. He looks at her, really looks at her, as she stands. Now he sees the cuts on the hands, the scratches from the wood. He takes a slow step forward and nearly stumbles as his foot lands in the fire pit. Slowly he looks down, as if in a dream. The realization of where he is hits him like a blow; his head snapping up to look at her once more. Suddenly he realizes why she is here, who she is. She is another like he, cast out by the world, not a part of theirs anymore. She is to rule this realm with him. After sooo long alone he can barely contain the emotions that well up inside him. He shakes with their power tears running from his eyes in streams down the fur of his muzzle.

His eyes focus on the tears and suddenly he realizes that no woman would be with something like him. He feels his heart break at that moment knowing that though this is how he should be tha the will forever is alone. How could such a vision of beauty love such a beast as himself? Only the goddess could change her into one such as him, but she is not here. There is no fire this night; thus he must not be worthy of one such as her. Yet she is in the secret place, is she not? Why is she here then if not for him? Confusion, pain, desire, fear, loss, they all war inside his head until he can't think. Raising his head he calls out to the moon, to the goddess, his howl echoing thru the woods causing animals to scatter and hunker down. His howl is a terrible thing when he looses it and tonight he can think of nothing better to do!

He turns and looks at her once more, the tears blinding him. He see's just how bad her hands are cut. He knows that she will die of them if he does not do something, but what? His mind races, placing aside his pain for now. He knows no matter how much it hurts not to have her, watching her die would kill him too. Besides she must be one of the goddess's chosen... or she would not be here. He pulls himself together. 'She will not die in my realm. This I swear!" He thinks to himself and is gone in a flash.

He knows that she may run in his absence so moves faster than even he thought he could. Like a huge globe of lightening, his silver fur flashes in the moonlight. There one instant had gone the next. He covers half a mile in less than minute. His lungs feel as if they are going to burst but still he pushes. If only he can make it to those bushes and back before she leaves. The berries on them stop bleeding.... help healing. He runs as fast as he can, using his arms and hands to help when his feet slip. Once he is not fast enough and rolls down a hill. The burring in his shoulder and the wetness he feels tells him that he has opened himself up. In the back of his mind he notes it's no small wound, but pays it no more mind than that, for he has landed in the bushes he seeks. In a matter of seconds he has two of the bushes pulled up by their roots and in his mouth so that he can get back in time. The taste of the earth fills his mouth as he runs back, wheezing now from pushing him soo hard and now unable to get as much air.

His thoughts become cloudy, the world hazy at the edges. The same part of his mind that noted how bad he hurt his shoulder also notes he is about to pass out. The rest of his mind ignores it. Fifty yards... twenty-five.... Ten... As he burst back into the clearing vines tangle his legs and he lands flat of his stomach, he can feel the pain of it as he crashes hard. He tries to rise but his legs won't support him, everything is going black. His vision tunnels to almost nothing and it takes several long moments to find her. 'Thank the goddess!' he thinks. 'She's still here.... Must... get... these ... too. Her.... Make... her... under...der.... know' In the back of his mind a voice screams at him to stop and rest but he ignores it. Summoning up the last of his strength he crawls to her, dragging himself with his clawed hands. It's as if a lowly servant is crawling to serve his mistress, unworthy of standing in her presence. Finally he reaches her, terror or pain holding her there. He is not sure which but is glad all the same. With what little strength he has he reaches up and gently takes her hand... placing the bush into it with the other.

"U.... Us... ussseee... berr... berrr... berries.... Hhhh. hand" He gasps out as the blackness takes him. He fills himself fall into the void, the pain fading, as he does... and then nothing as the deepness of coma takes him. He lies there, limp at her feet, blood running heavily from the foot long gash in his shoulder, his breathing shallow. It's almost as if he is dead. If it were not for the wheeze of his breathing and the blood flowing one would think him so...

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