The War  

simplycarol 46F
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5/12/2006 7:20 am
The War

"You don’t even know what

I am. You can't even call

Me by name." Darkness

laughs. She tries to name it

her mind racing, searching.

The Light's words come

"You have only to open and

you will see what I am."

She was scared and the

Darkness pulled at her.

Light kept telling her the

words her heart had longed

to hear. She opened letting

the words in. Light covered

her, embraced her. Light

showed her things she had

never known. She floated

in the light holding it

tightly to her heart.

Darkness tried over and over

to take back what it owned.

Light kept coming to

fill her after each attach.

Bring her closer and closer

to it. Wrapping her

heart. Filling her with

new feelings.

Darkness tries once again.

This time it takes the words

of Light and shows her

a new meaning to them.

Ripping all she had grown

to know from her heart.

She panics running from

Darkness. Searching for

Light. Feeling Darkness

close behind her. She pushes

it away. Wanting the

Light's words to come to

her again. The Light

speaks no more.

Her heart tears. Darkness

Fills her soul taking more of

her going deeper. Claming

her completely. Darkness

mocks her "Ahhhh so now

you know my many names,

"Emptiness, "Loneliness"

and "Lost…"

She flings herself to the

ground her tears and screams

of anguish sounding back

to her. For now she also

knows the name of Light


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