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from so long a go seems like a dream now



She spends more time bathing soaking, in the scented water. Taking great care in shaving herself, smooth as possible. Drying, putting on lotion, doing her hair, make-up the hole nine yards. Her mind wondering into what the hell am I doing this for, her body answering, you crave it. She sighs continuing to get ready.

She put on a black front hook bra that raises and molds her full breast, a matching pair of t back panties. Slides into the skirt, knowing it will be to tight no breathing for her this evening and way to short, but doing it none the less. Finally she puts on a short button down silk shirt, white to offset the black of the skirt; she steps into her pair of sandals. Looking at the clock a soft sigh a moment of uncertainty crosses her mind. She trembles checking her reflection in the mirror once more. Hair free flowing, down her back, make-up not to bad, outfit not her normal. The girl looking back smiles her nipples hard against the fabric of the shirt.

She drives, listening to the music as loud as she can, so that she doesn't talk herself out of going. Her hands tremble as she turns down his street, "what am I do?" the question once more forming in her mind. Images flash in her mind, she moans softly feeling her sex grow wet "That is why" comes the answer in her mind. She pulls in the drive, sitting in the car few minutes, taking deep breathing trying to claim her racing heart and quiet her breathing. Her eyes watching the door to see if He opens it. Nothing "Maybe he forgot, and she can go home and call the whole thing off" Her body response with a shiver "can't you've come this far you have your safe word, quit being a chicken-shit. You've been with him before you know what he can do for you" she moans softly, her right breast tingles where he had last bitten it.

Opening the car door, locking it she places her keys in she purse, tossing her head and walking to the door, ringing the bell, her knees knocking and belly jumping and turning she fears she might get sick. He opens the door "hello dear, I was starting to think you wasn't getting out of the car" He laughs softly, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her, feet dragging into the house.

She smiles trying to keep from looking in his eyes, not wanting him to see her fear, knowing it only makes him to happy to see fear. He places one hand under her chin raising her face to look at him, the other sliding down her hips, across her thigh, and under her skirt, she jumps closing her eyes. Opening them He smiles, his finger pressing hard against her wet panties "mmmm ready I see little one" he purrs. She smiles her hips rocking into his hand, as he continues to softly run his fingers along her panties. His other hand sliding down from her chin, lightly trailing over her breast. She shivers a soft moan coming from her lips. He takes her right breast in his hand, and squeezes it hard, she whimpers, her hips rock hard against his hand. He watches her eyes, staring at her, she swallows hard "Got something to drink?" she ask trying to slow things down if only for a little bit. He nods cupping her sex and squeezing it so hard she bites her lip to keep from crying out.

"Yes, in the kitchen you know the way" He releases her and walks into the living room "you want anything?" her voice cracking know what he wants and will have before the night was over. "No thanks I got what I wanted" she hears him says then laughs. She whimpers walking to the kitchen, her body burning and her mind fighting with her.

She walks into the living room carrying a glass of wine, sitting down on the sofa, the other end of the sofa. He smiles "stand up over here" point to in front of him. She lays the glass on the end table, being careful not to spill it as her hands tremble. Standing she smoothes the skirt back down her thighs, walking slowly, her belly quivering, legs weak as she walks over to stand before Him. "I was nicely surprised to get your message the other day. Then when I talked to you, you shocked me. I didn't think you would come back and even saying you have more freedom with me, but I keep my safe word. Now that put the biggest smile on my face." His hands sliding over her thighs, kneading and pulling at her flesh, pinching them. She whimpers "just honor the safe word, you gave me your word." He slaps her hard against the side of her thigh. "I told you I would now stop it, I have stopped when you have asked in the pass, and I will now" She bites her lip, her thigh stinging, the warmth from his hand print. She nods

"Get undressed" harshly comes from his lip. She steps back unbuttoning her shirt letting it fall from her body. Wiggling out of the skirt, shoes bra and panties lying in a pile on the floor. Shivers run her body. Standing before him, she walks closer. His hands run down her body, soft moans come from her lips, hips rock forward. He takes both her nipples in his hands twisting, pulling gripping then hard. She arches back slightly her body becoming hotter as he enjoys her breast. He leans forward sitting on the edge of the sofa, taking one of her overly sensitive nipples in his mouth. Suckling hard, pulling her whole nipple and part of the fleshy mons of her breast in to his mouth, pulling tugging biting. She closes her eyes biting her lips to keep from making to much noise. Her body trembling shaking. Her hands wrap and press his hand to her hot breast. The throbbing from his mouth on them traveling down to her cunt, making her squirms. His hands grip her hips, gripping at her soft flesh.

She slides her legs widening, knees shaking as his hands press against her thighs. She moans her heart pounding her in her ears. "Would he go at her cunt with his mouth the way he did last time?" She wants him to she had never had someone just use her like then or now. He hadn't spoken a word since telling her to undress his mouth busy at her breast. Her nipples were hurting only slightly, but that only made her want him to stay at them. Strange her fear was melting as her heat grows. She whimpers rocking her hips into his hands.

Quickly he forces three fingers into her cunt, she yelps out, her cunt stretched, jumping pulling on his fingers. He fucks her with them hard and fast ramming them deeper and deeper into her. She feels him twisting and turning them, spreading them as if his fingers are searching for something deep in her cunt. She moans her breathing coming her short pants "please" she whimpers not use to talking or begging, but her body wanting more needing more. Her hands pull and press at his head. Her nipples are becoming sore. She try's to push his mouth from them, but he keeps at going sucking biting, she feels the flesh swell around where his teeth have pressed down around the nipple on the flesh. He lets go of her nipple and stands just about knocking her down, she smiles trying to keep from giggling. "Sit on the sofa, legs wide, your little ass on the edge" His voice telling her not to talk just do. She sits down, sliding her ass till is just about hanging off the couch, her legs falling wide, opening up her sex, the sweet scent raising from her body. She purrs and moans her hands cupping her breast. She runs her fingers over the nipple and yelps, for they hurt more then she had noticed, she looks at them, red, teeth marks on them, the nipple darker then she had seen them before. She raises her arms placing her hands over her head on the back of the sofa.

He kneels down between her parted thighs, biting along the inside of them moaning and groaning as he nears her heat. His fingers open her lips then his mouth sucking on her cunt, pulling hard on the tender skin, he finds her clit, sucking and biting it. She moans and whimpers at the same time, wanting this more then anything at the moment. His fingers find her ass rub against the little bud, she whimpers not sure she wants his aggressiveness back there, but giving no choice. Two fingers slam deep up her ass twisting and turning stretching. She tries to slide back on the couch, to easy them up a bit. His other arm comes over and lays across her belly pressing down holding her in place, a moment of panic rushes her head, She feels him biting harder on her clit, pulling it sucking it, his other fingers still sliding in and out of her ass. She feels the pleasure of it and starts to become scared at the same time.

Everything stops, she is there panting, her cunt burning from the bites stinging, her ass burning more from his hard pounding with his fingers. He stands opening his pants standing in front of her. Hands coming up and wrapping in her hair pulling her face to his cock, she whimpers as her mouth opening he slides in and keeps sliding she presses against his thighs, trying to slow him, give her a minute to adjust to get ready, but he will not be slowed. In and out of her mouth, spit comes from the edges of her mouth, her hands digging into his thigh. Her throat being pounded against, she gags a few times as he pushes his cock deeper in and out, his hands tightening in her hair, pulling her face hard to his body as he uses her mouth. He cums filling her mouth, she tries to swallow to get it all down, but a bit does come from her mouth. His cock remaining slightly hard moves still in and out of her mouth.

He releases her head "Damn, you suck cock well", his grin makes her trembles. She wipes at her mouth, her lips bruised swelling, but her body wants more, her mind cant keep on one though for more then a moment then it rushes to another.

Confusion, desire fight in her mind. He strokes her hair, she purrs leaning into the touch, her body still burning needing release. He pulls her to standing and leads the way to the bedroom.

Once inside he pushes her down flat on her belly, pressing his body hard into her. Crushing and pinning her under him, His fingers find their way down to assault her cunt again, she buck and moans, the feeling of pleasure mixed with the stinging of her cunt, becoming one. He rubs his cock against her ass, she whimpers as he starts to become hard again. He bites her back, shoulders, her ass checks anywhere he wishes. The stinging mixing with the heat in her body. "Please" she moans her body yearning for release; she squirms under him trying to turn, but his arm presses harder against her back, forcing her to stay in her belly. Whimpers, moans, growls feel the air her or his, she cant tell.

She feels him wetting his cock in her juices; a shiver runs her body. Then before she has time to think another thought, a cock rams fully and deeply in her ass. He growls, holding himself deep in. She screams out, her ass before forced to stretch or rip, the burning traveling her body, pleasure and pain a mix unlike no other. He begins to pull out, she moans more loudly as he slams his cock deep in again. He moves faster harder deeper, his arm cross her back, his hand pulling her hair raising her head backward, she holds to the bed, trying to pull up a bit, to slow his pounding into her ass, but he will not allow her to move. His other hand leaves her cunt, gripping her hip so hard, she yelps out, his hold to her body pulling on her, ramming her ass over and over, her body hurting, her mind spinning. She doesn't use her safe word; she craves this and knows it, her clit jumping with each hard thrust into her ass, that grinds her sex hard into the bed. She bucks up into his thrust again the air fills with the primal sounds of sex. She holds tightly to the bed, panting, sweating, her body shaking as she nears release, she feels him ram faster, harder, moving his body to enter her as deeply as he can. She cums before she can say or do anything, her ass pulling on his cock, holding him deep inside, she bucks up, he screams out and fills her ass with his seed, then pulls out and strokes himself to spray a bit of the sticky, think cum across her ass.

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Dark brown eyes and long black hair
Dark creamy skin far beyond compare
Small straight nose and full red lips
Skirt formed tight to firm shapely hips

Tall willowy frame with figure full
Long thin arms but strong I’m sure
A crescent smile upon her face
The “Mona Lisa” to disgrace

She dances there around the fire
He sees her with a hot desire
The sparkle in her roguish eye
Leads him to guess and wonder why

It’s just a dream, he wakes at last
Ghosts haunt his head now from the past
He reaches for his gin and tonic
To free him from this ghost, exotic

Thanks for the read. It gives me pause for thought.
The Bandit

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The time is now it’s come to pass
I come to play with your fine ass
It looks so good there in your clothes
A most wondrous sight, heaven knows

Your firm tight buns feel good to me
As I massage them, tenderly
You react to my very touch
You move as in ecstasy, lust and such

I gently explore the forbidden hole
In lust, you shake down to your soul
A low soft moan comes from your lips
Slowly you grind your ample hips

As you move your hips up and down
My thumb, inserted, goes round and round
Round and round until it’s loose
Inserted dick your ass to use

I pound you hard and squeeze your tits
You have not one but many fits
You shout and cry and it is true
That lust obeyed knows what to do

You inspire me!
The Bandit

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