Vacationing with Yvonne  

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6/16/2006 10:02 pm

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Vacationing with Yvonne

My time with Yvonne did not end with the conference. On the last day, after the conference was over, she took me down to Ximen which is the trendy district where there is shopping, food and the night market. We enjoyed the food from the stalls, while taking in the sights of young trendy people out for a night of fun. After the walk, it was back to my hotel where we enjoy another few sessions of hot steamy sex. As soon as we entered the room, we were groping and fondling while pulling off each others clothes. I entered her in standing position in the bathroom, enjoying her dazed estatic looks as I thrust in deep forceful strokes, fucking her infront of the mirror. Her constant moans of pleasure with her tight pussy clamping on my dick drove me to my peak quickly. My cum flooded her pussy, oozing out as I continued to fuck her until my dick slipped out. We then settled in the huge jaccuzzi bath for a relaxing soak. Soon, my dick regained its hardness with her constant stroking and encouragement. She mounted me in the jaccuzzi and rode me. Our fucking in the jaccuzzi splashed water all over the bathroom floor, making quite a mess by the time we finished. Then, as soon we both dried up and she had blown dry her long hair, we retired into bed where we fucked again after an extended 69 foreplay. She enjoys sucking dick and can do it very well. After 3 sessions, we were both tired and fell asleep soon after cumming.

The next day, we checked out and travelled to Ali-shan, a famous mountain resort in Taiwan. We arrived at the Ali-shan (Guest) House in late afternoon amidst pouring raining. The room was splendid with a nice king size bed and nice bathroom with glass wall giving your a splendid view of the mountain scenery. Unfortunately, we were unable to see much of the mountains due to the pouring rains and howling winds outside. Besides the bed, there was also a queen size couch big enough for two persons to sleep. As she stood at the full length glass windows looking out, I hugged her from behind and slipped my hands under her blouse. I unfastened her bra and fondled her boobs, as I kissed her neck, ears, and shoulders. The room was comfortably warm as compared to the outside. I soon pulled her cardigan, blouse and bra off. I kissed and licked her back, intentionally staying away from her boobs, moving down her back. I then unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down together with her panties. I buried my nose between her firm buns, pulling her hips back and spreading her legs to get to her pussy. She let out a soft scream as her boobs and upper body came in contact with the cold glass windows. On a good clear day, the full length windows would have given people outside a good view of her sexy nude body. The cold glass on her nipples intensified her arousal and pleasure from my pussy fingering and licking. I was stroking her pussy with two fingers, and rubbing her clit with my thumbs, while i licked her behind. Her warm breath fogged the window panels around her face as she moaned breathlessly with each wave of pleasure that flowed through her body. After a few orgasms from my fingering, she pleaded to me to fuck her which i gladly oblighed. I pulled off my shirt and stepped out of my pants quickly, and held my erected dick against her wet pussy lips. I used the engorged tip to rub her pussy, teasing her mercilessly as she contiuned to plead to me (in Mandarin) "i want you... i want you now... " and she sucked my thumb like she was sucking my dick.

Just when she least expected, I rammed my dick into her wet pussy. The strong upward thrust lifted her off her feet slightly and she screamed in both pain and pleasure. I held her hips firmly and thrust my dick into her pussy in quick firm strokes. We fucked in the standing position, looking out into the heavy raining and strong winds. We could hardly see beyond five metres in the rains. She pushed herself away from the glass and arched back to kiss me. Our mouths met and tongues sought each other out, muffling out her moans. My hands now held her boobs and fingers clenched her hard nipples, pulling her back towards me as I drove my hips forward and upwards to push my dick as deep into her pussy as I could. The possibility of being seen from outside, though remote, adds to the pleasure and arousal of this fuck session. The frenzy of hot sex ended as I climaxed and shot cum into her pussy, mixing cum with pussy juices. I pulled her towards me and we both fell back onto the couch, exhausted.

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