Osaka romp (I)  

simon61166 50M
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5/9/2006 11:29 pm
Osaka romp (I)

I finally have something to write about after the long drought. Here I am in a hotel in Osaka, just after a steamy fuck with Yumi, whom I met in AdultFriendFinder about 2 weeks before this trip. She just completed her high school and now a university freshman. Golden week just past. I am in Osaka for a business meeting with Hitachi and I always stay near the main railway station so that all the amenities are near. There is big screen in the Umeda railway station which is where I met Yumi. Spring is coming to an end and its getting warm. The gals are wearing less too Yumi and I had chatted over webcam and we had no problem recognizing each other. She was dressed in a camoflaged tank top (very trendy here in Japan) and micro-mini skirt with platform shoes. Her skirt looked like it would drop anytime and her t-back thong panty was clearly visible. She wore a thin cardigan over her tank top to try and make it less obvious to the casual observer that she is braless. I think it didn't help much when she walks as her boobs are ample and bounces when she moves. She uses her long hair to try and cover them further. We walked around a bit, bought her a leather bag, then we went for dinner at a French restaurant. I ordered red wine, a bottle, to go with dinner. By the time we were done, she was flushed and so was I. After dinner, we adjourned to my hotel room. Fortunately, we were able to take the elevator from the basement all the way to the floor that I was staying without having to go past the lobby. Yumi went into the bathroom to freshen herself while I rested on the couch. My dick was becoming hard in anticipation of the upcoming fun. As she came towards me, I could see her eyeing the bulge on my groin, dropping off her cardigan along the way. She sat down on my side and began licking and kissing my mouth, ears, neck, etc. while her hand fondled my dick through my pants. I helped her unbuckle my belt and unzipped to release my dick from the confines of my pants. She gasped as it sprang out, hand stroking and pumping it. As we petted, I slippped my hand under her tight tanktop and fondled her firm ample boobs with engorged nipples. She moaned loudly each time I pinched her nipples, and cried softly "itai" (meaning painful in Japanese). That not only encouraged me to fondle her harder, it also made her wilder and her breathing heavier. I turned her slightly, with her back facing me, so that I can fondle her boobs with one hand while my other hand finger her wet pussy. She pushed her skirt off easily giving me better access to her pussy that is barely covered by her thong panty. I fingered her pussy over her panty, soaking it in her pussy juices. Gradually, I pushed two fingers into her pussy and stroked her pussy, pressing on her g-spot, driving her into a frenzy, moaning and panting in estacy, crying "iku, iku, iku...." (meaning "i'm cumming..." in Japanese) We pressed out lips together, tongues exploring each other, our hands working on each other. Yumi cummed a few times, drenching my fingers and hand with her juices, before she decided that she cannot wait any longer to enjoy my dick. She got off for a short shile to pull off her tank top and panty, and helped me pull off my clothes. Then, she ripped open a condom from the pack we bought earlier, rolled it over my hard dick, and didn't wait a moment more to straddle me and engulf my dick with her hot wet pussy. She pulled my face onto her boobs as she thrust her hips wildly, driving my dick deep into her with each thrust. Essentially, she was in total control as I struggled to catch my breadth and enjoyed the ride. With her arms tightly around me neck, she pulled me firmly onto her boobs; I sucked and licked and bit them, making her wilder and her nipples grew redder and harder. As her juices flowed each time she cummed, she continued to ride me and work me towards my peak. I felt the intense pressure build up in my dick making it ached until the point when my cum burst out, accompanied by the immense feeling of pleasure. I grabbed her bums tightly as my cum filled the condom, signaling to her that I have cummed. She pushed me back against the couch and collapsed over me, exhausted. We held each other tightly, enjoying the final sensation of the intense orgasm. (more to come later)

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