End of Internship  

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7/6/2006 2:59 am
End of Internship

Gina's internship ended on 30 June. On 29 June, she had to give a presentation to her professors and I. She was formally dressed in a white blouse and black skirt. Her blouse was well pressed and very fitting, hugging tightly to every curve of her body and her skirt was short, baring her slender legs. She presented her work confidently and answered all the questions posed by her professors very well. At the end of the presentation, her professors and I discussed her performance and grade while she waited outside. All of us agreed that she did very well and her work attitude was excellent. Hence, it was a unanimous decision to award her a distinction for her internship and research report. After telling her our decision and the grade she received, which she was obviously pleased, she accompanied her professors out.

A while later, she came back into my office, closed the door and quietly locked it. She then walked to my table and leaned forward, staring me straight in the eyes and seductively asked "so, how are you going to reward me for my good performance?" I leaned back and turned my chair to face sideways, an indication for her to come around the table to me. As she approached, I gently caressed her thighs and slipped my hand under her short skirt. She parted her legs to accommodate my hand as I moved up to her pussy and fondled her already wet pussy lips. I was surprised to find no panty. She knew what was on my mind and answered "I took them off after my profs left." Without another word, I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy and stroked it, digging at her g-spot. She moaned in pleasure as her legs became slightly weak from the waves of orgasm that run through her. She held on to my shoulders for support as I fingered her and rubbed her swollen clit. My other hand caress her smooth buttocks, feeling for her ass. She pulled my face towards her and we kissed deeply, tongues seeking out each other. She straddled my thigh as we kissed,my fingers still inside her pussy, stroking and rubbing. I pressed my face on her boobs chewing on her nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse. She has also removed her bra together with her panties before coming back into my office. Gina has very sensitive nipples which becomes puffy red when aroused. As I pleasured her, she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and helped me ease my pants off. She stroked my hard dick over my briefs for a while before pulling my briefs off. She held my dick and pumped it slowly, rubbing the pre-cum gently over its entire length. "Simon, I am going to miss you...." she whispered into my ear. "you can come whenever you like...: i replied. "Yeah, and find you fucking another gal..." i laughed... "Well, i can be your co-supervisor for your graduation thesis, and we can meet regularly for discussion." i suggested. She smiled. "Hmmmm, and we can have long in-depth discussions." she purred. "I want you to probe me deeply... and thoroughly... hehehe" she giggled, refering to our secret reference to our office romps. "yes, that is what i intend to do now..."

i eased her off my thigh and positioned her over my table. She took a condom from my drawer and rolled it on my hard dick, then guided my dick to her wet pussy. I eased my dick into her pussy, pushing it in as deeply as i could. She moaned in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of the penetration. I grind my groin on her in circular motion, moving my dick around her pussy... something that she loves immensely. "Yes, yes, yes..." she cried in estacy. "I am going to give you an in-depth debriefing of your work" I said. She turned back and looked at me "Yes sir, please debrief me deeply..." we went about our role play as professor-student as we fucked. I unbuttoned her blouse but left it on... my hands held her boobs while i stroked my dick in and out of her pussy. Her friends were pretty anxious to know how her presentation went and called her while I was fucking her. She picked up her phone to answer, and took that opportunity to change position. She sat on me facing me and talked to her friend, while grinding her hips slowly to fuck me as I sucked her boobs. "We are having an in-depth debrief of the presentation now..." she told her friend and winked at me. "The presentation was good and I got a distinction.... Thanks... but the profs raised some points which Simon agreed that I overlooked.... he wants to get deeper into those aspects with me.... " she was teasing me in a way, using words like "deep". I held her and stood up, and drove my dick into her suddenly making her scream... "its ok... i knocked the coffee over... i better clean it up... talk to you later...." she hung up.

SHe stared at me in feigned indignation, then kissed me deeply as I carried her over to the sofa. She wrappd her legs tightly around me as I fucked her in missionary position. I grind my hips as i thrust into her; our tongues entwined in embrace like our bodies. Our sex isn't just plain fucking as we like to chat while enjoying the feeling of me inside her. We talked about her entire internship with us, the friends she made, the interesting things that happened and how the guys working in the building tried to pick her up. She revealed to me that during one of my overseas trips, she was so horny after chatting with me over the net, that she got naughty and went to the gym downstairs to seduce guys... she ended up having a gangbang with three of the gym instructors in the gym after they closed up. Seems like those guy fuck many women who use the gym especially the rich and bored tai-tais whose husbands are too busy to fuck them or busy fucking other women.

We changed to our favourite doggie position which usually sends both of us to our peaks quickly. I asked whether she fucked other guys besided the gym instructors which she said yes but did not reveal who. SHe also asked whether I fucked the students who did their internship with us. I did, and cheekily asked her to recommend some of her friends. She cummed a few times before I couldn't hold any longer and shot my load. We laid down on the sofa exhausted. As we rested in the spoon position, she used her pussy to continue gripping my dick. "You want more... " I asked. "Don't you..." came the reply. She got off me and got between my legs. She pulled my condom off and licked the cum on my dick. She sucked my dick which lost its rigidity, coaxing the hardness back in a while. As soon as it became hard enough, she sat on me and starting riding me. This time, she just rode me for almost an hour, until I finally cummed, inside her...

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