Conference in Taipei  

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Conference in Taipei

I was invited to give a keynote talk in a conference in Taipei. The conference venue was the Westin Hotel in Taipei. As the theme of the conference was on offshore engineering and communications, the attendees were predominantly male. One gal particularly caught my attention and I had the opportunity to interact with her quite often as she was a member of the organizing committee. She is a graduate student who also presented a paper in the conference while helping out in the conference which was organized by her university. Her name is Yu which translates to Jade but all her friends call her Yvonne. She handles most of the foreign participants as she speaks English pretty well and that was probably the reason why she was assigned to be the MC for the banquet. During the conference, she wasn't much different from the other student helpers except being less shy to interact with the foreign participants. Her research was in the same area as mine and hence we chatted very often during the breaks. When the sessions ended on the day of the banquet, I noticed all the student helpers busy rushing off to help in the preparations. I was hanging around the registration desk having a cup of coffee when I noticed Yvonne trying to call someone without success and looking rather anxious. I casually approached her and asked whether I could help. She smiled and said that she needed to change and get ready for the banquet but the key to the room is with one of the students but she was unreachable. So, I offered my room to her. She was hesitant initially but I easily convinced her that she didn't have much time left if she doesn't hurry. I went up together with her to my room to leave my bag and then left.

As a keynote speaker, I was seated at the VIP table. I noticed that a seat was reserved for the MC which I presumed was her. So, I took the seat next to it. I chatted with the other guests at the table and didn't notice Yvonne when she put her file and purse on the chair to mine. The lights dimmed and she was on the podium to welcome everyone. I was pleasantly surprised to see her totally transformed from the nerdy grad student into the elegant and gorgeous MC in a two-piece pearl white satin outfit. From far, her outfit looked rather modest. After the speeches by the conference chairman, VIP and few others, the dinner banquet started and she returned to the table. As she approached the table, I noticed the bounce of her boobs as her satin blouse clung to her body. She eased herself into the seat next to me, then lean towards me and whispered "Thanks. I almost couldn't make it on time and my sup was very worried." Her supervisor was the conference chairman. Then, I noticed her blouse again; while the front and back are modest, the side was totally open and secured only at the shoulders and waist. As she leaned forward to get her food, I could clearly see her bare boobs from the side. I guess the waiters were also enjoying the view as I noticed many of them hovering around our table although they were not looking after our table. She went up on stage for a few more times for the presentation of the best paper awards, tokens of appreciation and announcement of next year's conference venue and organizers. After the banquet, the conference chair invited those at the VIP table for drinks. She was reluctant to join but everyone wanted her to be present - for some obvious reasons. I had the added advantage over the others as I was the youngest among them whowere all professors in their 60-70s. Again, she was seated next to me. While the others ordered more drinks, I settled for liquered coffee. She was happily receiving compliments from everyone on her splendid performance as the MC.

The drinking session concluded around midnight and everyone made their way back to their rooms. Her professor told her to catch a cab home and give him the bill tomorrow. Before that, she had to go to my room to change and get her stuff. As we made our way up, she commented that she had to get up early to open the registration desk. I offered to let her stay in my room which she teasingly asked "why can i sleep? you only have one bed..." I smiled without answering... As we entered my room, I placed my hand on her waist and she leaned towards me. I let her move ahead so that I could slip my arms around her under her blouse to fondle her bare boobs. She leaned back against me and turned to kiss me. My hands explored her supple body, caressing her boobs and nipples, and down under her skirt to her pussy. She loosened the straps on her blouse and skirts, and they dropped to a pile around her feet. After stepping out of the pile, she faced me and helped me out of my clothes. She took my hand and led me to the king size bed. She sat down on the edge and cradled my dick in her hands, kissing the tip and licking the entire length. She deep throated my dick, sucking it as she slowly drew back, then in it went again as she moved forward, bobbing her head in a slow regular rhythm. I stroked her hair and caress her smooth back, thrusting my hips in sync with her. I was enjoying the blowjob immensely when her friend called her. As she took the call on the bed, I pushed her backwards. Then, I spread her legs and slowly licked her pussy. I probed her pussy with my tongues, flicking it over her clit. I sucked it and used my nose to rub her pussy, making her lose focus on her call. Eventually, she told her friend that she will be going back soon and hung up. No sooner than she hung up, she moaned loudly and utter groans of pleasure. As I devoured her pussy, my hands grabbed and fondled her firm boobs and perky nipples. Her hips jerked upwards as she cummed, juices flowing out; I continued to eat her pussy without letting up, making her cum again and again. I then kissed my way up slowly as I crawled over her body, spending some time sucking and licking her boobs. She slipped her hand down between our bodies to help guide my dick into her wet pussy and whispered "I want you..." into my ears. I thrust forward to send my hard dick into her waiting pussy; she moaned loudly and continue to utter "I want you... give it to me... give it to me..." in Mandarin. I fucked her in missionary position as our lips locked and tongues embraced each other. Muffled moans of pleasure... occasional screams when I thrust deep and hard... her nails digging into my back with each wave of pleasure that runs through her... made both of us wilder and hornier... my thrusting became faster and more furious as the pressure in my dick built up until my cum burst into her. I continued to thrust, fucking her until I collapsed over her, exhausted. Her arms hugged me tightly, while her pussy engulfed and squeezed my dick milking the cum as it continued to trickle out. A moment later, we rolled over and fell asleep.

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Nice story. It will be even nicer, and easier to read if you could space it out with some paragraphs.

Thanks for sharing.

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