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I got an email from the manager of the conference management company asking whether I could spare a few days to take a trip to Thailand to help run a conference of which I was one of the founding members and now serve on the steering committee. It so happened the conference dates selected by the local organizing committee in Thailand fell right in the middle of the university term in Singapore and most of the other committee members who are university professors are unable to attend. As I am not a fulltime academic and therefore not constrained by the academic duties, I agreed to help out. He made all the travel and accommodation arrangements promptly and I was on the way to the beach resort in Thailand where this year's event was held.

I arrived early and went straight to the immigration counter as I don't have checkin luggage. Ahead of me was a petite blonde gal carrying a huge backpack that towered above her. I guess she must be on a long backpacking trip and this island resort is a popular destination for backpackers, though not at this time of the year; the peak period is usually around June and July. After clearing customs, I called the resort for my pickup. While I was waiting, I saw her asking around the transport counters, without much success as it appeared. The pickup from the resort came - an SUV. After the driver helped me load my luggage into the SUV, he opened the door for me. I asked him whether there was other transportation available and he said only the private taxis which were unreliable and tend to overcharge tourists. I asked whether it was ok to give that gal a ride to where she was going and he readily agreed. So, I went over to her and offered her a ride. She was hesitant but I assured her that its safe and the vehicle was from the resort. Besides, she won't be able to get any transport by asking those guys loitering at the entrance. She agreed and loaded her backpack onto the SUV with the help of the driver. We climbed into the back seat and set off. The driver was a jolly guy, about 60yrs old by the looks of his grey hair. He spoke good English and gave us a running commentary of the various sights and locations as we pass them. He also told Ingrid (the gal) that she won't be able to get a cheap ride from the taxis as they are all "preying" on tourists. She was going to a campsite cum hut village that was along the way to the resort. That place was popular with backpackers who either have their own tents or stay in one of the many wooden huts with minimal amenities. They have to share common toilets and bathrooms. We dropped her off before continuing to the resort.

The three days at the conference passed quickly. Everyone was pleased with the outcome - organizers glad that everything went smoothly and participants happy with the technical content as well as the social events we organized for them. When the conference manager invited me to come, he also suggested that I should stay a few more days to relax and enjoy myself, which I did. Watching the sunrise has some unusual attraction to me and I would spend immense efforts to watch a good sunrise, e.g. climbing (or rather hiking) overnight to get to the top of Mt Fuji to catch the sunrise. Here, I was told that I should hike up to the top of a waterfall where there are are few pools I could have a cool dip and watch the sunrise - splendid, considering the rather hot and humid weather. Of course, before the pleasure, I had to work hard for it. The next morning, I rented a small 4-wheel drive from the resort and drove to the foot of the waterfall at about 0530hrs. I started hiking up the trial to the top while it was still dark, reaching the top as the horizon started to light up. The climb took about 30mins and I was already drenched in sweat. The pools looked very tempting but in my hurry, I forgot to bring my swimming trunks. So, I decided to sit on the rocks and enjoyed the wonderful view of the valley below as the sun rose gradually. Just further down from where I was sitting were a few more pools, water flowing from one into another. I decided to move forward and closer to the edge where the water flows over the edge down the waterfall. I was trying to peer over the edge when I heard a girl's voice call out "Careful there... don't fall over." I turned and saw Ingrid relaxing in the pool. Her pile of clothes was on the rocks on the opposite side not far from where she was. "Come on in... the water is great!" she said. "I didn't bring my trunks." I replied and she laughed. "You can wear my bikini bottom if you like..." she offered, pointing to her pile of clothes and laughed again. "I am not wearing anything." she added. That last sentence was certainly an invitation that I couldn't resist. I crossed over to the other side to where her stuff are and took my clothes off, back facing her. When I turned back, she was seated under the water flowing from the upstream pool, enjoying the water cascading down head, face, shoulders, and boobs.... wow, her boobs are huge considering that she has very petite body. Somehow I didn't notice them when we first met at the airport and also on the ride from the airport. I think it was probably due to the vest that she was wearing and the pockets were stuffed with a Lonely Planet guidebook, her travel documents, and other things, and I assumed that she would likely to be flat chested. She opened her eyes and caught me staring at her boobs. I quickly looked up at her and she playfully chastised me. I was speechless. Then her eyes looked down towards my growing erection and she smiled. I slowly waded into the pool and settled down near her. "Sorry, I don't mean to stare..." I apologized. She laughed. "Don't worry... I am used to it." "At least people don't make fun of my boobs." she continued. She told about how her boobs started growing during her early teens and she tried hard to hide them in order not to be made fun of in the all-girls school she attended. As she grew older, she got the attention of guys and the envy of other gals.

The water was cool and refreshing. "Feeling is great, right?" and I certain agreed with her. "How did you get here?" I asked and she told me that she started hiking from the campsite at about 0430hrs. The resort staff told me that I should come early to beat the crowd and also catch the sunrise. But, since this wasn't the peak season, there wasn't anyone around besides us. She pulled me closer to sit under the cascading water. There was a narrow ledge for us to sit on but hardly enough to accommodate both of us side-by-side. She moved over me and her bums rubbed against my now hard erection. SHe looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, then gently eased it between her back and my stomach, sandwiching my hard dick between our bodies. Hmmm.... she moaned. I slipped my hands around her and fondled her boobs, playing with her hard nipples. She leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder, enjoying the pleasure and attention I was giving her. I intended to see how far I could go and slowly moved one hand from her boobs down to her body to her thighs, then the insides of her thighs and inwards to her pussy. I was pleased to find her shaved pussy, smooth to touch, and when I pried her lips apart, she let out a gasp from the shock of cold water rushing into her love canal. I entered her pussy with two fingers and gently stroked the inside. She moaned in pleasure as I finger fucked her while my thumb rubbed her clit. She turned sideways making it easier for me to push my fingers deeper into her pussy as we kissed deeply, tongues entwined. Her hand was holding my dick and pumping hard. We went about this for sometime and I decided to try my luck again. I turned her to face me and straddle me, and held her hand which was pumping my dick. I used my other hand to try and position her pussy so that I could enter her. She got my intention and asked "do you have a rubber?" Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting to meet her here and did not bring my pack of condoms with me. She didn't want to fuck without me wearing a condom but suggested that we could fuck later when we have one available. I was partly disappointed but eagerly looking forward to later. So, I just continued to finger fuck her until she cummed intensely, letting out a soft scream, clenching my shoulders and digging her nails into me. Wow, I wonder how she would cum with my dick inside her

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