Backpacker (Part II)  

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9/9/2006 9:10 am
Backpacker (Part II)

After she recovered from her intense orgasm, she focused her attention on my still raging hard erection. I sat on the edge of the shallow pool so that she could kneel and wrap her boobs around my dick and let me fuck her tits. SHe looked up at me and smiled "This is what big boobs are good for and guys love it." I couldn't agree more and thrust my hips upwards, fucking her gorgeous boobs until my cum squirted out splashing onto her face and body. We then moved back into the water to wash ourselves thoroughly before putting our clothes back on. She wore a thong bikini with military camoflage patterns that left little to imagination. Then she put on a loose cutoff t-shirt that just covered her boobs and a pair of khaki bermudas. We hiked down to the parking area and passed a few visitors who were just making their way up to the top of the waterfall. I asked when she was leaving and she said it was tomorrow afternoon, taking the same flight as I to Bangkok. So, I asked her to stay with me at the resort and she gladly agreed. We drove to the campsite to pick up her stuff and then to the resort. My chalet was on stilts over the sea about 30m out from the beach with the balcony facing seawards and away from anyone's view. It was about 830am and I suggested breakfast. She took off her t-shirt and bermudas, then tied a large thin scarf with colors matching her bikini around her waist like a wrap around skirt. Looking at her in that outfit, I almost wanted to fuck her right there and then, and she sounded like she read my mind when she said "Later... after we have breakfast..." and gave me a seductive wink. On our way to the restaurant, every guy we passed was oogling at her and obviously at ther boobs. Even the manager who received us and showed us to our table was trying hard not to stare at her boobs. To avoid more attention, we sat on a table at the edge facing the seat and enjoyed the sumptous buffet breakfast. After breakfast, we walked along the beach back to our chalet.

She made her way to the balcony, dropping off her bikini along the way, piece by piece. She placed the large towel which she took from the bathroom on the widedeck chair/bed on the balcony and laid down to relax. I walked up and admired her gorgeous body. "Are you going to just stand there or come lie next to me?" I stripped my clothes off and laid next to her, and no sooner, her hand was gently caressing my already hard dick. "hmmm... you are horny...." she said and planted a kiss on my cheek. "Yeah... " I replied. "I can't wait to fuck you...." I said, to which she replied "What are you waiting for, dear?" I got up quickly to go and get a condom. "Where are you going?" To get a condom, I told her. She smiled, then slipped her hand under the towel and pulled out a condom. "I found one in your toiletry kit..." she purred. "Ahhh......" was all I could say, as I settled back down. She tore open the package, took it out and rolled it onto my erection, admiring and fondling it. Then she climbed over and straddled me, positioning herself over my upright dick. Her hand held it as she sat down slowly, pushing my dick into her moist pussy. My dick stretched her tight pussy as it slid in, filling her and making her moan loudly in estacy. "Oh Simon... " she purred as she placed my hands on her boobs and beckoned me to fondle them. While I slowly caress her boobs, she moved her hips back and forth sending my dick in and out of her pussy like a piston. With each forward thrust, she pushed my dick deep into her, groaning as it filled her fully. She expertly grind her clit on my groin, giving herself immense pleasure. She looked like she was in a trance as she moved her body, grinding her hips forward and back and sometimes in a circular motion. I held her boobs with her hands over mine, showing me how she wants to be caressed. There wasn't much for me to do except enjoy the fuck. Her moans grew louder and louder as she approached each orgasm and when she cummed, she grabbed my hands tightly, squeezing her boobs hard. Then, she relaxed, looked at me and smiled. Recovering quickly, she felt my hard dick still inside and started moving her hips again. The whole process then started again, hip thrusting and grinding, loud moans, trance-like expression, increasingly louder moans and wilder thrusting until she cummed again. I managed to control myself until her fourth orgasm when the pressure in my dick just built up and cum burst out. She too was exhausted and collapsed onto me, breathing hard.

We cleaned up, got dressed and went sightseeing. In the evening, we had dinner in town and did some shopping, before returning to the resort. That night, we spent a couple of hours in the jacuzzi, soaking and fucking, and then to bed for more hot sex. The next day, we took the same flight to Bangkok where we parted; she caught her connecting flight back to California while I headed back to Singapore.

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