My favorite CD fantasy  

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My favorite CD fantasy

My favorite CD fantasy
Part 2 revised

I lay awake snuggled in Greg’s arms for what seams like hours, finally drifting off onto a blissful sleep. I wake up to a little daybreak filtering through the window. I get up slowly my thighs shaking uncontrollably. I slip on my panties and Greg’s white button down and make my way to the bathroom. I draw myself a nice hot bath in the master bath. My anus hurts a little; mostly it is from taking it deeper than I was ready for. I reach back to check my freshly fucked hole. It is loose and slippery. I have dried cum on my ass cheeks and some around my hole. A pang of guilt sweeps over me. Just like any girl who just had sex the first time. I feel dirty and guilty; I ask myself (did I just do something wrong?) I am feeling feelings; I thought I would have never have. (I have had sex with another man. And not only did I do that, I also enjoyed it very much.) (Oh well; let’s just see what happens next. Let’s see how far this will go.) I slip into the bath. I feel really great and relieved! I take a long hot bubble bath. I soak in the tub for quite a while, allowing my skin to become as soft as possible. I get out of the bath and gently dry myself off and apply some lotion to my entire body and stand in front of the mirror. (I am so lucky to have found a man as wonderful as Greg. One that does not pass judgment on me; and one that just likes me for who I am.) I get dressed in a really comfy sexy white tank top that my white and pink bra will show through, a pair of Hello Kitty pj shorts with a thong. I apply Perfume to all the right places, and fix my hair. I can hear Greg is up and making breakfast in the kitchen. I smooth my shorts around my hips and bum, and then steel myself for the worst of rejections. I stride over to the door. Before I can have a second thought, I step into the kitchen. Greg stares at me; at first I think he is disappointed. He says “WOW! You are gorgeous! All I can do is smile at him and say “Thanks”.
Greg comes over; he stands about a foot in front of me. I become aware of how big Greg really is. I have to look up to see into his eyes. He takes a step closer to me. My eyes focus on the beard on his chin. I can feel the heat of his body as he reaches out and gently takes my elbows into his hands. Slowly he raises my elbows. I reach and take hold of his neck. I feel his hands go slide down and settle on my waist. He gently pulls me towards him. I take a half step forward. His hands move to the small of my back, and ever so slowly, they move down over my butt cheeks. His holding me like this; makes me feel so small, and weak, so vulnerable and feminine. I looked up into his eyes. He looks down at me. “You are my girl, aren’t you?” I blush and say. “Yes I am.” I can feel my knees start to buckle; I locked my fingers behind the back of his neck for support. Greg leans down to kiss me; I open my lips, and grasp his tongue and suck it deeply into my mouth. His arms tighten around me. I breathe deeply as we kiss. He makes no advances to me and I say to him “Please! Fuck me”. I feel his hands lower the back of my panties and shorts. I feel his hard cock pressing against my belly. I know that he is going to use it like a man uses it with a woman and I am that woman that his cock is going to fuck.
Greg leads me into the living room. He pushes my shorts and panties down to my ankles and I step out of them. He pushes me down over the arm of the couch. Greg gets behind me and pulls his pants and shorts down; he lubes my hole with his spit and pre-cum. He pulls back on my hips and pushes the middle of my back down until it is extremely bowed. I can feel his legs rubbing against mine as he positions himself behind me. I feel the head of his dick spreading me apart; pressing against my pussy. I am breathing heavy and fast anticipating what is to come. He begins to push himself into my rectum. I hold my breath. I arch my back as much as I can. Greg does not force his cock in to me just a steady pressure. All of a sudden, his cock pops right through my opening. My anus stings and I tighten up. I quiver, shake, and try to pull away from him. I groan to him “wait, wait give me a second, I can’t do it, I am too sore.” my ass muscles flex uncontrollability trying to push his cock out. Greg grabs me, he holds me still, until he feels me relax. I am panting and my heart is racing with anticipation. He says “you ready?” Biting my lip, I nod to him. Greg slowly pushes more of his cock into me. I arch my back, “Aaaaahhhhh!” He says to me as he slips one hand down to my excited dick. “This is what you want isn’t it baby.” I moan to him “Oh yes; fuck me; fuck me good.” It is a simple spontaneous fuck; it is the first one for me; one that I had asked for; I am so excited that I do not last long. I cum all over the couch, moaning like a girl the whole time. Greg slips his hand back to my hip and begins to bang his full length into me. My legs are trembling after just creaming it is hard to keep myself from falling over the couch. The whole time Greg is pounding me he says these things to me “You like it like that don’t you baby?” “You’re a good fuck baby.” “I can’t wait to cum in you.” The sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass echoes throughout the room. He groans and gasps,” I am going to come!” I push back hard onto his cock. He plunges it deeply into me. I feel him throbbing deep inside, as he spurts his hot and sticky load into me. Greg collapses on top of me‒ gasping for breath! I lay there under him, my head resting on the seat cushion. Greg pushes himself up and pulls his dick out of my ass, his cum dripping down my thighs as he slips away to shower. I slowly get up and slip my panties and shorts back on. (I have had a lot of firsts in the last few hours. My first fuck, my first blowjob, my first time being fingered, I admit I didn’t like fucking at first, fucking hurt, it was like he was too deep and was hitting some thing inside, now I like being fucked, I like feeling his weight on me and his arms around me. Also like making a man cum in me, I like the feeling of cum dripping out of me.) Greg returns after his shower. He tells me that breakfast is already, come and eat. After breakfast, we sit on the couch watching T.V with his arm around me. Just sitting there dressed like I am, I feel so much like a girl, so much like his girl, so much like his girlfriend. We go about the day as if we have been together for a long time. Doing nothing but yet it means everything to me. His gently touching my ass from time to time, grabbing a kiss here and there. It is but a simple impulse when one time while standing behind me he pats me on my ass, I turn around to him. I put my arms around his neck and gently kissed him. I am on top of the world. I spent the rest of the day with him as his girlfriend. I can tell by looking at him that I am a walking tease; I am here ready to please him whenever he feels the need. It makes me feel even more feminine knowing very well that I have a space between my legs that he wants just as much as any man ever wanted a woman.
I look at the time; it is already three in the after noon, Greg says to me “let’s go shopping.” He tells me “Go get dressed up in a sexy outfit and well go to the mall.” “What! I don’t think I can pass.” “I’ll get too nervous!” I protest. “You just wear some thing sexy and we’ll be fine!” he reassures me. (I have never considered the effort needed to do a real passable remake.) But like a good little girl, I reply, “Ok, I trust you.” “But if I blow it and we get embarrassed, remember I tried to talk you out of it!” “You’ll do just fine.” He says with a little kiss. I turn and plod off to the bathroom. Greg wants me to dress; total girl. I really need to carefully figure this out. (What have I gotten myself into?) I slip into the shower and lather up my legs and underarms. I shave my legs, my underarms, my boy-pussy, and my pubic hair. I get out and dry myself; I put a nice creamy cocoa butter lotion on all over my body. I check myself in the full size mirror. I think (I’m really lucky I have slender arms and shoulders due to my complete indifference to athletics. My butt is a little wide for a guy; but that’s ok with me! I have a little bust line if I use my imagination.) I curl my eyelashes and add mascara to lengthen them. I outline my eyelids with a bluish gray, and add a lighter highlight on the upper lids; and flesh tones below; a little blush on the cheeks; followed by some light pink lipstick. As I look at my hair, I decide I’ll stick with the curly style that I wore when I met Greg. I’ll poof it up a bit and roll the bangs with a curling iron to look more feminine. He seemed to like it yesterday; he will love it with a few new touches. Next I paint my fingers and toes with a pink polish to match my lips. With the polish dry; I put on white silky thigh-hi stockings and a white garter-belt then I attached the garters. I slide into a pink satin push-up bra, and pink satin bikini panties. I insert my realistic breast forms into the bra. I then put on a sexy; light pink school girl skirt and a white blouse. I chose simple jewelry, a dainty chain with heart shaped pendant for my neck, and a pretty heart shaped watch. I slip my feet into a pair of pink ankle wrap sandals. I apply Perfume to all the right places and wall-la I am done. I walk out of the bedroom to find Greg sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. “Hi! You look wonderful!” As he gets up and gives me hug and a peck on the lips. “Thank You.” I reply. (I love how he looks at me.) I turn around showing off everything there is to see. I feel his eyes wonder down my legs. He says “Baby; you look yummy; how about a kiss for your old man.” He slides is arms around me and we kiss. He rubs my legs and under my skirt. He slowly pulls my panties down and teases my love hole. Greg finishes taking my panties off me and pushes me to my knees. Greg gets behind me. He slides his dick into me with one thrust and fucks me dog fashion. It’s a fuck like I had not had yet. He literally bangs me hard. It is the kind of fucking that makes me feel all of the other sex we have had was making love and this was him fucking me. It was very good but quick, I get very excited and I think I can even cum, but he cums first. Greg gets off me then me and my well fucked yet still excited self goes back to the bedroom to change and clean up. (I feel so sexy yet so pleased me being his girlfriend and knowing that I have done what any other girl has probably done with her boyfriend. I have taken his cock even if it meant taking it and getting no satisfaction myself; well sort of.) I change into a white tank top that my bra shows through. I put on a pair of low rise lei jeans, and some flip flops. I check my hair and makeup. I return to the living room. Greg is sitting on the couch watching TV as I enter. He gets up and grabs me around the waist kissing me. He kisses my neck and I ask him cutely “Honey, weren’t we going somewhere?” “Yeah, let’s go to the mall.” He responds. (Oh great here we go. I hope I’ve remembered everything. I have never been this “out” before! All my prior experiences have all been unisex, neutral, semi-feminine styles.) (Up until yesterday when I met Greg who seems to be providing me with a powerful incentive to please him.) (It’s a feeling I’ve never felt until now. I have never before felt a serious need to please anyone before; and now I am tripping all over myself to look good and please him. I wonder why I’ve changed.)
End of part 2

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