My CD fantasy begins here  

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My CD fantasy begins here

My favorite CD fantasy
Part 1 revised

I have always wondered what it would feel like to be a woman, the feel of nylon stockings against your shaved slender legs, your crotch rubbing against silky smooth panties, two breasts wobbling underneath a silk blouse, your face covered in powder, bright red lipstick, eyes lined with black eyeliner and mascara on your eyelashes.
My favorite fantasy; I spend nearly the entire morning shopping at women’s boutiques and lingerie shops. I am looking forward to putting on my newly bought clothes in the privacy of my own home. I start with the nylons. I sit on the edge of the bed. Dipping my right foot into the hose, I watch the red toenails disappear into the hose. Pulling the stocking up my right leg, my cock rubs against my elbow. Maybe I should have masturbated to ease some of the excitement. The hose slide easily up my legs. Being of Native American decent they are nearly hairless to begin with, but after shaving them, they are silky smooth. With both hose on, I glide my hands up and down my legs to straighten out any twists or wrinkles that may exist. I slip into my shoes. They are black strappy sandals with heels about an inch and a half. I begin to work on my make-up, but first I squirt some lubricant on my finger and grease up my rectum. Walking around the room my anal track feels squishy and I am ready to be fucked. I sit down and brush some mascara on my lashes and tweak my skin toner. I brush a bit of violet eye shadow on. I save the lipstick for last. It is bright red. I feel the violet eye-shadow highlights my brown eyes and the black mascara gives me the essence of exotic. But it is my deep red lips that simmer in wanton ardor. Looking in the mirror I radiate like the fire to come. I sprits on some perfume that I know will stoke a fire; one on my collar bone, one on my wrists and lastly I reach behind my back to sprits the cleft of my hips. I wash my hands and take my padded bra off the bureau. I hook the clasp and slip my arms through the arm straps. I take the baby blue satin blouse from my bed and slip it over my head. Turning to the bed; all that remains are my panties and the black skirt. I pull up the thong with the red chili pepper pattern past my thigh-high stockings. Pushing my cock between my thighs, I pull the panties over my penis. To help the panties hold down my potential erection I pull on my black mini-skirt. The skirt is made of lycra and clings tightly to my hips. It works like a girdle shaping my curves and helps stabilize my cock from making it self-known.
The time for tonight has arrived. I am ready; I take a quick look in the mirror. Hell I was ready when I woke up, but now I have the look. I am fed up being the ‘closet’ CD tart, I want to try out some cock; in short, I want dirty sex with a man.
I get in my car and drive to an Adult Theater (damn I feel so sexy) seeing my skirt pulled up to my crotch is such a turn on. After a few minutes in the parking lot; I get up my nerve to go inside, entering the entry way it is very bright. There are maybe 5 to 10 guys in the lobby. I ask the guy behind the counter, “May I go inside?” “Sure!” He says and doesn’t even charge me. (Well this is it; now or never.) I start through the doors and know at this minute that I am all woman; or at least I feel so, also I am on my way to losing my anal virginity.
As I enter the dim theater, a couple guys follow me. I am excited but scared all at the same time. I sit near the back row. An older gentleman comes and sits down on my left. I see he has on a wedding ring; he is wearing a white button down and silk tie. For some reason I feel safe with him. We sit there watching the show, my skirt slowly slides up and he can now see my stocking tops. He reaches over and gently starts to caress my left inner thigh. His touch is gentle but masculine. I just stare straight ahead at the screen while he touches me. His caresses become bolder and move up my crouch. He finds a large pre-cum stain wetting the front of my panties. He smears it down the sensitive front side of my panties to my balls; that causes me to arch my hips up to his strokes. He asked me, “Do you like this? You like how this feels on your nub don’t you?” I nod yes. He moves closer to me; he slowly begins kissing, licking and nibbling on my neck. His aggressive tongue is working me all over. Breathing in gasps; I am so close to coming. He must have sensed this and lets go of me. He whispers in my ear. “I like you very much. Will you come with me tonight?” “Maybe you can stay the whole weekend, if you would want to?” I look at him and nod yes. He whispers to me “Well then get straightened up and let’s go.” He grabs my hand and leads me up the isle; past a group of guys watching us. They all appeared to be quite jealous. I just cling to his hand and follow. We enter the well lit part of the lobby, there are a few people mingling around. When they see this older man; pulling a younger cute cross dresser out of the theater, they seem to know exactly what had happened; and what is about to happen.
We get in his car and start to drive. I slide over next to him. He tells me about himself while he strokes my legs. I find out his name is Greg. He works at a bank and is in town on business. I finally get a good look at him. Greg is about 6’3” and around 230 pounds. He has salt and pepper hair with a graying beard and mustache. He has a thick build, not fat, just a thick very handsome man. (I realize that I don’t have any fresh clothes to wear!) “Greg, can we stop by my place so I can get a change of clothes?” “Sure, we can.” he replies. We stop at my place; I offer him a beer, and start packing. I grab a couple outfits, some panties, a garter belt, stockings, and a thin wispy see through nightgown. And of course, the baby doll nightgown I thought I would never need! I gather up some cosmetics I keep hidden, my douche bag and perfume. I feel like I am packing for a week! “Ok, I’m ready! Are you?” I say as I enter the living room. He replies by gathering me up in his arms and giving me a juicy kiss, “I’m ready when you are!” We arrive at his motel room; He shows me in and asks if I would like a drink. “I’d love one!” “Make your self at home in the living room and I’ll be right there.” He says. I go and sit down with both hands in my lap and my knees together. I feel like I am trying to be as small as possible. I guess I am pretty nervous. Most of my feminine mannerisms were coming quite naturally, but others I am remembering from watching other girls. He pours me a rum and Coke and sits down beside me no the couch. We visit a while mostly about what we would like from a relationship. My head is swirling with the first drink gone and the second one started. My tongue is burning with desire for this man that I had only met a couple hours a go. Greg slides closer to me; his arm slips behind my shoulders and his hand caresses my neck. I pull it to my lips and suck on his index finger. Greg leans down and buries his tongue in my mouth. His beard and mustache tickle my smooth cheeks as his tongue assaults mine. I do not know how to react; I just do what comes naturally. I close my eyes and let our tongues mingle with each other. My arms wrap around his neck and he is presses his body into mine. It isn’t long before I am totally moaning into his mouth as he kisses me. Greg breaks the kiss; he says to me, “You look so sexy.” Greg stands up and holds out his hand, “May I have this dance.”
I take his hand; even in my heels, I am four inches shorter. My hips press into his and I lay my head on his shoulder. He slides his hands down my back and slowly starts to explore my ass. His fingers slip beneath the hem of my skirt and toys with my thighs. By the time the song ends he has worked his fingers to a nook where he could tease my balls. Greg pulls me closer and kisses me on top of the head like a little girl. He slowly moves his head lower and kisses me lightly behind my ear. Slowly he kisses a trail down my neck; gradually trailing a little line of kisses along my jaw back to my lips. My lips part as if we have kissed a thousand times. His tongue enters my mouth without resistance as if to portend the future. We kiss and kiss, necking like teenagers. My hand moves absently to his thigh; lightly brushing against what is stirring nearby. (I still can’t believe that little old me has the power to create such a response in this most perfect man!)
I gently rub him through the material of his jeans while returning his breathless kisses. Slowly, he slides his hand under my top and begins to lightly caress the skin on my stomach. Carefully he moves his hand up to my breast and under my bra. He rubs my nipple with the palm of his hand, gradually tweaking my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He rolls it between his fingers. I am going crazy! Greg breaks the kiss and pushes me to my knees in front of him. “Are you going to give me everything I want?” I nod yes to him. He takes out his cock and I am stunned. It looks so big, a lot bigger than my own 5 inch dick. It’s about 7 or 8 inches long and so thick. The head is completely shiny from his pre-cum. Greg says, “Suck daddy.” and arches his pelvis forward; offering me my first dick. Feeling like I am in a trance, I close my eyes. I lean forward and open my mouth. I am letting a man put him self into me. It’s like slow motion and seems to take forever; until I finally reach his cock and my lips close around the tip. It has an unusual taste; it is salty and greasy and the texture; is spongy, yet it is hard. I lick the underside of it to his hairy balls. I try to take as much of it into my mouth as I can. I know from his grunts and groans that I am doing well. After about five minutes Greg moans, he grabs the back of my head and tries to push more of himself into my mouth. I know that he is about to cum; I grab his shaft and jack him really fast. I feel his cock pulse in my hand, the first shot hits me on the cheek, and I jump in surprise. I didn’t think that cum can fly so far. I jack Greg until he lifts me to my feet. He looks in my eyes gives me kiss and tells me “Let’s go to bed, sweetie.” He takes my hand; wipes the cum from my cheek and leads me into the bedroom.
He sits me down on the bed, kisses me some more, and lays me gently on my back. He quickly slips off all his clothes and lies on top of me; with nothing more on but a smile. As if by reflex I spread my legs allowing him to lie between my legs. (Oh, do I like that! I feel so under his power; the feeling of his hard body on top of mine, his powerful muscles over powering my timid resistance). As he kisses me, I unconsciously raise my legs as his hips grind into me. I feel his hands move under my skirt and gently caress my buttocks. He works his fingers under my thong and starts to gently probe. He is getting the tight muscle ring to relax so he can push a big finger inside me. I push my tongue into his mouth and start sucking and kissing him really hard and urgently. I want him deep inside me. I want him to make me a woman; I want him to make me his woman. Greg unbuttons my blouse very slowly, enjoying my body. He opens my bra and kisses his way down to suckle on my nipples. His fingers replace his lips teasing my nipples. Gradually he kisses a trail down my stomach. He gently pulls down my skirt and moves my panties aside exposing my boy clittie. I resist ever so slightly; he gently rubs my stomach saying, “That’s ok, sweetheart; I’m here for you.” He sucks gently on the tip of my clittie. His tongue massages the underside of the helmet; bringing me to new heights of ecstasy. Never taking more than the head in, my hips rock gently, my toes twitch, and I can hear my self-crying out, “Ah, ah, ah, Oh!” Greg eases my legs to my chest and kisses his way down my legs. He kisses up and down my crack. I feel his tongue plunge into my hole. I have never felt any thing like this before! I am beside myself with this mysterious new passion. I grab the sheets; my legs involuntary jerk up and apart; my toes clinch and I dig my nails into the sheets; gripping hard this is so intense I can’t stand it. I moan “Oh, oh, oh!” All his licking has made my ass so wet and wanton. Greg eases one of his big fingers in to me. He pushes his finger to the second knuckle and massages my anal cavity. An oh-so-slow-motion orgasm rises from deep within me; rather than explode with gushes; it pours out in a steady stream of relief! I am paralyzed with lust. I am tingling like I am being tickled with a thousand feathers. Never in my life have I experience such heights of passion! I don’t know what to do or what to think. I feel so vulnerable now, and he knows it. He knows he has me in the palm of his hand, and that he has won my trust. I believe I just had the most special feminine orgasm delivered to my body by this most perfect lover.
Greg moves his lips up my body and kisses me again. He climbs on top of me; softly kissing me. (I have never felt so truly feminine before. I am so delighted to have him laying on me as if to ensure that I know my place in our new relationship. It seems so natural for me to accept my man’s gestures. I see no inclination at the moment for any other thoughts to creep in and interrupt my most perfect bliss!) I whisper to Greg “I want you to take my “cherry” fuck me for the first time.” Greg kisses me gently on the lips; his hand softly caresses my stomach and down my thighs. He tenderly works his tongue into my mouth. I open a little to receive him and suck on it as I would a little dick. He is breathing harder now and moves to nibble on my earlobes, and to put tender kisses on my neck. His kisses move lower; he suckles my nipples sending me again into a spin of rapture. I arch my back to allow him better access to my breasts. As he suckles, his other hand is rolling my other nipple driving me insane with passion. He continues to suckle my breasts; he moves his hand down and gently massages the little rosebud of my boy pussy with something cool and slippery. I gasp as he slides an experienced finger into me. “Oh, you are so hot and tight!” I start to worry about what is going to happen next. I am getting scared. I think to myself (Oh God; am I really up to this?) (Shit! he is going to want to do what I think he is going to do?) (Can I possibly handle something that big entering me?) (Maybe I should try to talk him out of it!) (God, what do I do now?) “Does that feel good; sweetie?” He asks. I reply “Um, I think so.” Gently he rubs my little rosebud with his finger, up and down slowly. I begin to enjoy the sensation being delivered to my little virgin pussy. Absent-mindedly I begin to gently move my hips to his tempo. His finger slips its way in and he teases my pussy in a circular motion. He kisses my neck and suckles my earlobe. I feel heavenly. Gently, he inserts a second finger next to the first and continues to tenderly tease it into me like the first one. I continue to rock my hips as he moves his fingers in and out. He applies more lube and works another finger into me. “Are you OK, honey?” “Oh; yes, don’t stop, but please go slow.” I force my hips back to receive his probing. I can feel my pussy stretching. The little pain that there was; is now gone, it’s replaced with a curiously delightful feeling. Greg rolls up onto his knees. He leans down and kisses me. Greg pulls my skirt and panties off and throws them to the floor. He slides a pillow under my hips, and puts my legs on to his shoulders. He kisses the sensitive inner flesh of my thighs, and behind my stocking covered knees. Gently, he teases his cock against my pussy hole, driving me crazy! (I know Greg’s big cock is going to hurt but I don’t care, I just want him to fuck me.) Gradually, he begins to enter me, just a little. I open my eyes in shock, suddenly realizing an important fact of life (I had better accept the fact that I am here for him as his lover, and must do whatever he asks of me. The sooner I surrender, the sooner I will be complete! I just hope he will be gentle with this shy virgin!) Greg looks down at me, looking into my eyes; “are you ready to get your cherry popped Baby!” I look up at him and nod yes! Guiding his cock with one hand; I feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole. He pushes it in me farther and rocks in and out just a little. Each time he enters me a little more; I rock my hips against him and try to open my self to receive him. I feel the head slowly going in. “OUCH!” (He is too big: it hurts.) “Wait it hurts! It’s to big, please go slow!” He calmly says; “I will not hurt you; just relax”. He pushes again. I grip the sheets and beg. “It hurts!” “Please STOP! You are too BIG!” He leans over me and says “sweetheart; daddy needs to be deep in his little girl”. He pushes; I feel his cock head slip past my sphincter. Greg stops pushing, leans down, and kisses me, “Baby; are you all right?” He just stays still, kissing me; he lets me adjust to his size and to feel the joy I feel being taken for the first time. My whole body is trembling; within minutes it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I nod up to him and push my ass back against him; I want him to know I am ready. Greg pulls back; then with one smooth stroke I feel his balls slap against me. He moans “Oh Sweetheart! You are so tight; BABY you are MINE!” His cock slides in; I arch up to meet him. He begins to pick up speed as he thrusts full length into me! I can feel his balls slapping against me! I am in heaven! He is pounding into me like a rabid wolf! All the feelings I am experiencing are incredible! I feel my juices rising within me as he pounds into me harder and faster. The upward tilt of his penis is rubbing me in all the right places. I ooze pre-come all over; I am so close to orgasm! He reaches down and with the tiniest of touches to my clittie, I gush my load onto my stomach. My ass spasms; and grips his cock hard. His breathing is now more ragged! His rhythm changes to short deep thrusts and he stiffens up. I feel him pulsing deep inside me; he is sending torrents of his seed deep inside me. I can’t feel it, but I can hear it. His cock making squishing noises; as he thrusts in and out of me. (WOW! I have made a man cum in me!) Horsley he whispers “Baby; you are my bitch now.” He slides it deep into me; and slips down on top of me kissing my neck. I reach around and grab his ass; I say to him “please; stay inside me!” We slowly begin to come down off this sexual high.
Minutes later he says. “Roll over for me; sweetie.” I do as he says and lay face down. He gets back on top of me and slips his still half hard dick back into my pussy. He holds my hands in his; I feel his gentle breath on my neck. As he lies on top of me I realize that all of my needs have been met. If I am willing to give myself in order to receive that which he offers, I will have a delightful role as Greg’s girl. He kisses me on my neck and asks; “do you think you will like being my girlfriend?” I turn to him and say “I will love being your girlfriend.” I drift off into a light sleep, at last I know what women feel at this time, I can feel his cock twitching. I feel the wetness of his liquid slipping out around his cock, and dribbling down onto my balls. I feel so good, so loved, so ravished. My smile is touching the pillow on both sides! Laying here I’m daydreaming about my deflowering. Inside me lives my lover’s DNA, looking for a life to create. I can still feel the gentle purring of my boy pussy. Somehow it feels different. Somehow; I myself feel different. Somehow I know my life has changed. I feel his cock grow very limp in me as he is spent and now very tired. He rolls off me and his cock slips out with a squishy plop. I feel sticky ooze on my ass when his cock glides over my ass cheek. Greg kisses me on the lips, “Goodnight sweetheart.” I snuggle in closer; it is a wonderfully odd feeling being in bed with Greg. I have never slept in bed with another male, except maybe my dad and mom when I was six years old.
End of part 1

Jerry6996_2001 67M
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9/26/2006 6:38 pm

Your pictures and mostly your detail of many fantasies arouse my cock to great proportions...

sim87 41M

10/12/2006 9:25 am

thanks Jerry6996_2001 i ma glad that you like reading this story. i did enjoy wrighting it

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