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More Musings for Perusal

Elric and the Southern Princes 10/1985
dedicated to M.Moorcock

Foreign princes come to see
The man and sword who are as one
The skin so white, the eyes like blood
The blade like living ebony.

He listens to their humble pleas
Their talk of fighting, death and plunder
He thinks little of their puny plans:
He'll twist their goals and bring them to their knees.

The blood will flow and souls will feed
The growing hunger of the blade
Their lives are naught to his needs;
Their souls but fuel to strengthen his shell.

And so he nods and drinks the cup -
The yellow wine of sleep and madness
It brings to him the thrill of Chaos
And fills his heart with sadness.

Wisdom of the Raving Fool 2/1986

Where the stormcloud meets the sun
Where the iron rivers run
Where the jewels are made of clay
There shall be a care-free day

In the light of darkened Moon
In the inky black of noon
At the moment red is white
A time will come when wrong is right

Anger breeds the calming peace
that shatters tears shed by the beast
A man who hurts by his own hand
Can only be forever damned

And as I lash out against myself
I hide my pain away like wealth
And as it turns to bitter hate
I rend my soul and curse my fate

What do you battle, little man?
Why do you fight what no one can?
Don't you see it brings more woe
To curse yourself, or don't you know?

The secret lies within your breast
You hold the key to its chest
Unlocking it is hard, I know
But joy comes when you let it go.

The following exerpt is not mine... I wish I'd written it. It's from the graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

The time has come.
You know it in your soul,
For I am your soul... you cannot escape me
You are puny, you are small...
You are nothing... a hollow shell,
A rusty trap that cannot hold me.
Smoldering, I burn you...
Burning you, I flare,
Hot and bright and fierce and beautiful
You cannot stop me... not with wine or vows
Or the weight of age...
You cannot stop me, but still you try..
Still, you run
You try to drown me out.
... But your voice is weak.

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6/29/2005 11:37 am

Very captivating..... hmmm...

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Thank you both...

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