It's Been A While  

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8/18/2006 9:40 pm

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It's Been A While

(Staind. Finally picked up the cd with that song on it - loved it when it first came out, still love it.)

So - just had a friend (not a friend with benefits!) decide that she never wanted to speak to us again because she found out what we do behind closed doors. She thinks that it's the most horrible thing she's ever heard of, and won't have anything to do with us.

This is not really a problem. Closed minds can be more dangerous than closed fists. It just bugs the hell out of me that anyone can be that... I don't even have words for it. Blatantly and abyssmally ignorant? It's been a while since I've run into this particular mindset.

I'm just trying to process this, trying to figure out why anyone would literally shun someone else for enjoying sex - sex that I never told her about. She found out from a mutually known man (not from AdultFriendFinder!) who had joined us for an evening. Of course, he felt obligated to "kiss and tell" after we left the area.

Enjoyed being with him immensely - it felt really good to be able to relax and not worry about anything but the pure wonder of exploration, that moment when you men drop the shy, "awww, shucks" attitude of being naked in front of not only a woman, but another man, and just enjoy the intensity of the night...

Two burns with one flame... Wounds that had barely started to heal (from a then-recent AdultFriendFinder connection that lasted longer than it should have) were ripped back open when I read the e-mail from her, telling me basically that she thought we were perverted freaks for what happened with the mutual friend, and she pretty much stated that she was contaminated by knowing what she had been told by him.

Lovely. Just abso-fucking-lutely lovely. What the hell am I? A magnet for guys who need to have things spelled out by Mr. Fucking Rogers? "Discretion means don't tell mutual friends what you did last night in our bedroom, boys and girls. Can you say Discretion? I knew you could..."

rm_SammyHHI 38M

8/23/2006 1:46 am

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