Inner Woman  

silverhawk762 51M/47F
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8/25/2006 9:39 am

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Inner Woman

She loves without limit, without pretense, and knows that this can sometimes be a limitation in and of itself, and brings pain and joy in equal measure.

She lays her soul bare, unable to hide behind the platitudes of every day life.

She finds lies unbearable, but is willing to accept that they're part of living life surrounded by other people.

She feels the intensity of passion and her own desires, and tries to balance them within herself.

She walks the edge between serenity and absolute chaos, knowing that they are both two side of the same coin.

She wants to be accepted for what and who she is, but won't sacrifice her inner heart for that acceptance.

She keeps her own secrets buried deep, unwilling to surrender everything that she is to another, even if it causes pain.

She knows that she is only a drop of water inside the still waters of life, and can only hope to cause a few ripples in the time she has...

VenusDiaries 62M
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9/1/2006 1:03 pm

She sounds grounded..

silverhawk762 replies on 9/3/2006 10:46 am:
Thoroughly immersed in the reality of life... No way to escape that, even in fantasy! {=}

hotfirecoolwater 37M/45F

5/4/2009 1:00 pm

This is profound... I really like it. I must remember it.

silverhawk762 replies on 5/5/2009 8:37 am:
Thank you, sweets... {=}

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