Yeah!!! What???? OK!!!!!!  

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9/11/2005 12:49 am

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Yeah!!! What???? OK!!!!!!

Well, its now 2:35 in the a.m. and as I pop the last chicken mcnugget into my mouth i'm thinking...gee I wish this would make my penis instead of my ass get any bigger...

I did not even get to make it out of my complex tonight. My next door neighbors were having a party and so I joined. I was supposed to go hang out with some frat dudes I've met and hang out with. Great parties and beautiful women...not that makes any difference, since the only pussy I see now adays is the feline kind .

But I am content for now. I've been blogging like a mofo and have some very interesting blogs that I follow now.

I am happy b/c tomorrow is the start of fooseball season...well it was actually on thurs but tomorrow is the first football sunday of the season. There is nothing better than sitting down all day and catching one game after another...about the only thing that would make it better would be getting a bj every touchdown...I kid I kid...

This year started out as a very good year and its lately kinda been crap, so I am looking forward to '06. Maybe this is the year we finally blow each other up, or "W" decides to invade canada...just because.

I am really liking this site...and once I get a digital camera I'll finally get some pics up. Show off my sexy self and shout 'here I am world'!!!

Yeah, ok, whatever...I hope everyone's enjoyed some of the blogs I've put up. Most are facisious and probably not too interesting but what the hey...its still fun.

I've been seeing alot of 100 things being posted and I might join that train here before too long.
So until next time, take care of yourself and each other. Springer rocks!!!!!!!!!


Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

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