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9/5/2005 10:47 pm

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Saturday night was AWESOME! We went out as usual to the usual dives. It was kinda dead but my friends and I were just chillin. Soaking up some liquid I don't give a shit.

It seems I was not the only one who had a bad week (I got canned). So we kept drinking all night and out of the blue some random girl latches on to my arm and we just begin to talk. Comletely random. So we sipped back some drinks and at the end of the night I came away with her number. SCORE!!

It made for a good end to a bad week. Even if she gave me a fake number, I don't give a shit. Whether she knows it or not she gave me a very good boost! God bless her!

Which does bring up a good point. If when a guy asks a girl for her number why do women give us a bogus number or a number to her ex and crap like that? If you don't want me calling you don't offer up a number. Fuck! Just politely say I don't really want to give you my number. If a guy has a problem with that it's his problem. Am I in the majority or what?

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