I'm ALIVE I tell you ALIVE!!!!!  

silverfoxrun 40M
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10/20/2005 12:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm ALIVE I tell you ALIVE!!!!!

Last night was FUN! My buddies are in a dart league and they play fairly regularly. I usually go and cheer em on. Last night one of the guys had some personal stuff he had to take care of and so he was out and they asked me to sub, which i'd done before. So we get to the bar and they are late so we start watching the game. Soon enough they show up and we begin to play. We had an awesome night. We played cricket, 501 and 701 and we ended up winning with a record of 8-3.

All the while we are drinking as the stros are inching closer to going to the WS.

So we finish at the bar and end up going back to their place and kept drinking and celebratin. So soon enough we start to goof off and we end up running around the apt with cupfuls of water splashing each other.

Finally at near 5 in the am we called it quits and I got home. Tonight we'll be checking out waiting. It's supposed to be funny as hell. See y'all later

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