Hello my Cheeky little Monkies  

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9/19/2005 11:11 pm

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Hello my Cheeky little Monkies

Hello All!

It was a good weekend. We went out to our local strip club, which sucks, but its the only one. The reason it was so much fun was because we brought a girl with us that had never been. *evil grin*

It was awesome! She was getting into it and had fun. We got her a lap dance and I don't think we saw her breath.

I great club in Austin is The Yellow Rose and another is Expose. I have not been to one in Houston but I've heard Treasures is awesome.

Oh, on a side not, the world will end in 2010. This is according to the bible code. So y'all better get fucking...you only have a few years to go.

Anyway, its a new week and I'm hoping this week i'll finally find something, work that is. I should have stuck with a major I hated but would have made money. Oh well, fuck it.

Well you sexy little minions I have to get eat. But before I do here are my next ten. See ya!

69. I like to 69!
68. I am an introverted extrovert
67. I no longer buy cds, suckers
65. I want to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro
64. I want to go see burning man
63. If I reincarnate I want to do so as a big cat
62. I want to learn a martial art of some sort
61. I have no tattoos, yet
60. I have 3 piercings

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