Disrespect (1)  

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8/1/2005 4:32 pm

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Disrespect (1)

I really just need to vent so am doing this for a release of sorts..

Usually it's the women bitching about the men giving them no respect, treating them like meat. But, alas, it isn't always like that. I truly beg to differ if you say otherwise.

I have been in and out of relationships for quite some time now and I personally have these opinions and or rants whatever you may call them.

Ok then, to begin my mindless raving I will start with this and work in reverse order.

Last relationship I was in was mutually cool, that is until one evening we went to Des Moines to catch the movie The Devil's Rejects... Well I had the wrong time written down for the wrong theater... Honest mistake (or so i thought) so we wasted about 4 hours in Des Moines until the movie supposedly started. Again my bad I admit it! But , alas, we missed the show and she said "well, why don't we go home since we missed the show" And of course it was 110 degrees in town and my ac in my car went out so I agreed readily. Lo and behold, I made the wrong decision obvoiusly for later that night she came out and tore me a new asshole (sorry for the french) about me not wanting to wait for the next showing.. Very interesting since I never mentioned leaving Des Moines in the first place... Beyond that just this last Saturday she came out to chill with me and my friends from work. It was cool till all my friends left and she wanted to stay and I was tired and I said no go home, and she said "ok I'll go home to the kids now then" and I'm like "ok right, Yah thats coo just need to sleep". Ok then everythings ok yah? everythings alright, right? Negative, the next day I found out she went into Joe's house.. A friend.. And spent some time in there then gave Yaeger a ride home.. Another Friend.. Well not a friend, I know him thats it.. But thats not it she was there till 3 am.. So what is my point? What am I getting at? She lied or led me to misconcieve the situation and or truth. Why lie when I don't care what she does as long as she is honest? Human nature? I don't know and don't care at the moment..

This is just one of my experiences.. Why is it so hard to find someone let alone someone that will respect you? I leave this for you to comment on.. and yes I will write again if I get good reviews.. LOL l8r peace

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