This is it...just a few more days untill my account expires.  

signmecurious 45M
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3/6/2006 12:31 pm

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4/20/2006 12:49 pm

This is it...just a few more days untill my account expires.

This is alot of work to check everyday and keep up to date with new people I've met and ones who already know me. So I am not thinking I am going to renew it. You know I am happy with the peeps I have met on here. I can say it has been good therapy being able to completely be myself and trust talking with you guys. you know who you are. Yeah I even have helped some other people out as well. I just wish I could have met more people my own age or at least closer, but younger guys are ok too. Hell, I may have found my friends for life and they are younger than me so I guess it's true what they say. Age truly is just a number. Yeah so It has been real, you read my profiles, you got the real me, I kept it as real as possible, what you see is what you got with me. I guess I need to decide if I want to try one more month in hopes of meeting the ONE! that I don't think I have for sure found yet...[sighs heavily] Ok well thanks to the Ladies and Gents. If you have any questions for me or want to leave a comment feel free. If you want to keep in touch with me, e-mail me. i will give you my cell phone number. Thanks again!
P.S.---Im horny as hell today and I don't know why!!!!

rm_farmernac 47M

3/12/2006 7:46 am

well I wish i was one of the lucky ones, maybe we will meet one day, take care

COCKER82005 46M
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3/16/2006 9:29 pm

Sorry I did get to meet you, I came upon your profile to late...story of my life...happy hunting

rm_plantman1953 63M
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3/22/2006 7:54 pm

Please don't leave man! You sound like ONE of the real people on here! No, I didn't get to meet you but would have loved the opportunity to have. I myself sure wish you WILL renew man, please!

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