Rambling 2  

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8/12/2006 11:39 am
Rambling 2

Can one reach the edge of sanity and return again? At what point is one regarded as insane, and who has the right to decide that? To reach one's innermost feelings dont you have to go past all the crap that society has taught you, to get past all the rectrictions. To delve into what society terms the dark side of ones mind is often called "madness", all of the great writers and poets, artists etc. have one time or another been termed "mad". Is that because they have reached the edge of sanity, or is it because people have not been allowed to contemplate their meanings? Is there a reason that one should'nt delve into one's inner physce? Perhaps!

One summer day as I lay watching the clouds go past, I saw a cloud that resembeled a clown. I imgined the clown was performing an act just for me, I realised that at that particular moment in time and geographical location, it was possible for about one million people to be watching the same cloud and thinking the same thing as I was. This of course put a huge dent in my "we are all individuals" theory. Is it possible that we are all linked to a common thread?

All right enough - time for another brandy lol
Mr Sick

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