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7/4/2006 8:23 am

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I have to pose this question to all that are out there and possibly reading just because im unsure where i have gone wrong. I am looking for a female half to experiment and or experience all there is to experience with a woman. I have had female encounters but so far they have been very limited on sexual excitement. But it seems finding a woman for such a purpose is impossible. I have had a profile and updated it often hopeing i was getting my point across on what i was looking for yet i find myself still looking and without female companionship. Im not into liars or fakes and so maybe that is part of the issue? Any advice would so greatly be appreciated..

SidSpanky 47M

7/4/2006 10:27 am

I hear you on this one! I'm having the same problem here too. At first I thought it was me or my profile, but then after speaking to a few (and I mean very few) others that actually do actively use the site, I've come to the conclusion that this site is about 98% talkers/lookers and 2% doer's. I wish I could help ya out on this one, but that's about all I could come up with.

67coyboy 49M  
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7/4/2006 11:06 pm

zoiks!!!if a cutey like you is having difficulty then i
might as well close up shop tonight!! (

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7/5/2006 7:39 pm

come by for a visit to our blog, might find something there that interests you.


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