what ladies say about their clitoris  

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what ladies say about their clitoris

Can I be frank? What they say they do with their clits, big or small excites me more then ever. So, I masturbate while I read them. And my imagination have no limit at all. If I could watch it fore real would be heaven. But I am satisfied with reading. This make my day worth living for. No harm in that?

My clit really likes when I pull my hood forth and back. I simply like to do this better then have anything inserted in my pussy.

Whoever posted that one about the wet tea bag is an absolute legend! ooohhh! Just like a real tongue. I used a teabag in long strokes then got quicker and quicker on my clit, until I came.

I like to masturbate laying face down. I rub my clit through my knickers and open and close my legs quickly and repeatedly as this intensifies the pressure. I absolutely love tongue though. I love it when my girlfriend slowly licks my clit. I like her to spit so there's lots of saliva, but just concentrating on the clit getting faster. Mind-blowing. Has anybody used a warm wet teabag on their clit? That also does the trick it feels like a tongue when I'm desperate.

My clit needs some time. Use long, languishing strokes on my lips until I'm squirming and moaning. Then and only then, touch my clit. And please don't tongue it - suck it. That's the best thing for me. Same with my nipples - don't tongue it (why do guys always want to tongue things?) - suck it. It is so much more pleasurable!

To all you girls who join this lovely Erotica Reader & Writers Association: I read that many of you have as me, an oversized clit. Lovely! I use my two fingers when I masturbate. I have my index under and my thumb over my erect clit (like a little penis) moving my hood (jerking) it over my clit gland. I can press my blood inside my erection to the tip and the feelings are just wonderful. Then I work my hood faster until I reach my climax. It works wonderfully for me.

I really like to masturbate lying down on my stomach. I really can't get off rubbing my clit directly, although when my husband and I have sex I love to rub his dick on my clit, because I get so wet, it really gets me off. I can't get off from regular intercourse either, not even with rubbing my little clit with my hand while we're doing it. My clit is small, but responds to the right stimulation.

As I get older and more familiar with my clit I find better ways to please it. I examine it and watch myself masturbate in the mirror. I pull back the hood to intensify my self-stimulation and the orgasm to follow.

My clitoris responds in a variety of ways to so many different forms of stimuli. I think this the benefit that women have over men when it comes to sexual climax a plethora of different orgasms each one slightly different. Anyway, I can almost anticipate the intensity and duration of a clitoral orgasm just based on the form of stimulation whether it’s water, a vibrator, my fingers (standing laying down), a pillow or my partners fingers.

With that said, I’ve surely developed a preference for the form of stimulus I like the best because I know it the best and have perfected it for myself. My index finger and middle finger rubbing with a moderate amount of pressure in a circular motion over the very tip of my clit while the palm of my other hand rests on the top of my vagina as the fingers pull my lips and skin taut. By holding the skin taut the hood is pulled back to reveal the source of incredible pleasure and an intense orgasm will follow. Ahhh, it’s a good thing. With that done I’m ready to face the day…now off to work.

My clitoris, which is about average size, is entirely covered by the hood and it never protrudes unless I pull the hood right back. I like a variety of different touches, including a circular motion right on the exposed clitoris and a stroking action very much like jerking off, starting at the base of the clitoris and rubbing upward and downward with a finger on either side of my clitoris. But my favorite is very hard rubbing on the left side of the hood.

Sucking is exquisite, and a tongue flicking over my exposed clitoris is also very pleasurable. Sometimes I use a vibrator during masturbation, usually with my hood pulled back and my bare clit against the vibrator, and my clitoris certainly responds, but the orgasms just aren't as good as when it's fingers or a tongue. Since I got my vertical hood piercing it has become possible to sometimes reach orgasm just from stroking my inner lips or rubbing my vulva vigorously.

When I'm not getting what I need I sometimes use fingers to guide my partner, or other times I simply ask, saying something like, "That feels okay, but could you try THIS, please?"

My clit is a shy thing that doesn't like to be accosted vigorously. It likes to be invited out to play politely and with restraint. Once it trusts the playmate, it enjoys a broader range of activity. My clit is very much an extension of me.

Harder is not better. If it is over-stimulated, it gets bored and goes home. This leaves the owner profoundly unhappy, I must say.

If one game isn't working, I usually suggest another or take over the game myself. I have not yet met a man or woman that doesn't like watching a woman pleasure herself. It takes the pressure off a particular situation and actually allows both people to regroup and reestablish a sexual connection.

My clit likes tongues a lot. Sucking, licking, swirling. . .whatever. The nice thing about a tongue is it's gentle by nature and anatomy. Still, if someone tries to use their tongue like a floor polisher (too hard, too fast) I'll gently suggest altering the pace.

With my husband, if we are in a mood and I am REALLY ready to go, I will let him get nasty with it. . .a little whack perhaps. He is the only one who gets to do that because I trust him to know when that is appropriate. However, when it is. . .holy cow. . .blows my mind.

Over all, nothing beats a nice gentle finger. . .mine or someone else's. At heart and centre, I'm a simple girl.

I find that my clit tends to be moody... in other words, it likes certain things depending on my mood. Which means that what works one day may be too gentle or too hard the next. Very hard with most new lovers which probably explains why I'm not usually all excited to try out someone new—tends to be just frustrating.

The boy I'm with now has a great technique of exploration... he tries different things and can tell by my reactions, tension in muscles, etc how I like or don't like it. Then he focuses on the ones I'm enjoying at the time. I tend to like soft at first, and then I can handle rougher. With the second and third ones I need the roughness to get results.

I do know the jingling bell one you refer to. It's like if they were trying to turn on and off a light switch with their tongue. Flick up, flick down, etc. It's especially disconcerting when there's no other contact with skin... in other words, they're just flicking the clit, not sucking on the labia, or exploring other places. And if they try to do it right at the start it almost hurts... too sensitive. I do tend to like it for the second or third one, though... but by then, I'm well warmed up and lubed and not so sensitive.

Somehow when I saw the subject I kept seeing someone yelling "sit, down, come here" to a poor little clit. Then if one is having trouble with a lover, going to the yellow pages and finding a clit trainer.

Personally I like it when a woman I am with tells me what she likes or doesn't like. I usually am able to tell pretty well if my lover likes what I am doing, or what adjustments I need to make. Usually ones breathing, muscle tension, and a "yes yes right there," or a "slower," "faster" also helps. Personally I like it when a woman takes a long time to come as there isn't anything that tastes much better than another woman.

What I can't stand is when a woman "camps out" in one spot on the clit and then doesn't listen to what I am saying! There is a lot to pay attention to in that area than just a clit.

First off you asked if the jingling the bell works method works me ..... I had such a laugh.

I once had a lover who did just that, the only one, actually, who approached me that way. I thought, "What the hell?" I knew he'd been married twice and had a variety of partners before me, so I figured this method must have proved successful or he'd not be using it .

But it completely threw me off so badly that I giggled at it . Course, got that look like "WHAT?! I 'm doing this for you, babe, what's your problem?"

So my advice, the answer to the second part of your question, laughing at his well-honed technique might not be a great path to take.

He got offended & never went near the area again, leaving me to take up the task as he watched.....luckily he had many other things he did well , therefore I was satisfied just the same !

Wonder where my bell ringer is now a days?

I have a large clit and lips. I prefer a woman to tease. Like getting so close to my clit I can feel her warm breath, then maybe occasionally with the tip of her tongue play with it. I enjoy for her to gradually build me up, then slow it down again.

I also enjoy a little 'slap and tickle.' Very hot!

I'm not saying this to toot my own horn, but one lover would tell me nobody had ever made her have multiple orgasms or come like I did. Again, when I'm indulging in a woman, I want to take my time. No rushing!

I can't rub my clit directly; it's too sensitive. I find little circles and short strokes with my finger around the clit area is what does it for me. Little figure 8's are nice, too, as long as the clit isn't directly touched. Pushing skin against the clit is good, and stroking that.

I'm here to tell you that my clit piercing is my very favorite. It is especially fun when wearing pants as the seam naturally rubs against it all by itself.

This is a fun little secret I enjoy especially while working as just the shear act of walking about my store with my customers becomes sexual in itself.

My clit is rather large and naturally prominent at all times and does enjoy spankings from my Dom's penis most of all.

And for a really good time try using those cute little suckers found in ordinary snakebite kits. LOL I'm surprised they're not sold in adult toy stores as well as in sporting good departments at Walmart.

happyf; happym; ...\8 >>!

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whoever you are please call me

i need you!!!

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