The wink  

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8/23/2006 8:14 am

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The wink

OMG I got a wink, what the hell should I do now? What does a “wink” mean anyway? As a typical guy, I jump on the key board, my head filling with notions of: “oh god she wants me bad, I am so going to get laid.” All this, mind you, from a small electronic signal, a barely discernable number change on the home page when I sign in. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am so going to get laid.

I manage to calm down some and review the profile of my layee and it does nothing to dissuade me from my “well founded” belief, I am going to get laid. Of course, all I look at on the profile was the physical description, why waste time with details, I’m going to get laid. Before I can email my layee with a witty response like: “WHERE & WHEN” (why chase the bus when you already caught it, after all I got a wink didn’t I?), I get call away for a conference.

Some two hours later, I make it back to the computer, this time with more blood in my thinking head, I actually do the responsible thing and read the entire profile. My layee as it were does seem to be a very good fit, and then I notice that that she is looking for a friend with benefits. Most would think not a problem I’m a friendly guy; but I sat there looking at the screen for the longest time, a friend?

Somewhere in the back of my head, I’m thinking I am at a sex site, so its love um and leave um right? At least for me, I discover, that is not right. The reason I hesitated in returning the wink or making any contact is I have to question myself, will I be responsible enough to be a friend, am I willing to make that commitment? Maybe I am somewhat old fashion but when a woman says that this is what I am looking for, I think you have to be willing to meet the terms and conditions and not just shovel a load of bullshit to get laid. Fact is, for most of my life I have had a problem with the whole no strings attached (NSA) thing.

I recently me a woman on a competing site who actually is helping me redefine myself and ideas. Simply put, she told me I’m not getting laid enough and she wants me to get laid more. I do travel a lot for work and she wants me to start getting laid on the road. She did ask that I take pictures and send them to her (am I a lucky guy or what). So here I sit 42 years old and learning all about sex again.

Anyway, so want does a wink mean? I think it is akin to the look you get across a crowed room, that gaze with a member of the opposite sex that lasted a little longer than what social politeness dictates, it is, at least to me, nothing more that an invitation to make an introduction. Maybe I will become a friend to my “winker” first and see what develops.

As the Buffalo Springfield amply entitled its song: “For What its Worth.”


rm_spunky5112 69F
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10/14/2006 12:14 pm

hi punkin..very entertaining,, i enjoyed your reaction to "wink" far as what does it mean, i guess it must mean that you appealed to someone..hope it was a gal?...some bi-guys enjoy pics like yours too..not bi, but don't condemn them yes, enjoy the attention..becoming friends first is good too..i enjoy meeting out of towners, as i call them..nice dinner, chat, maybe spunky fun..always do pics..meow..have a good count too! says spunky

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