Why I dont get too many lame emails  

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8/14/2006 12:28 am

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11/2/2006 11:09 pm

Why I dont get too many lame emails

A. I Dont show boobs
B. "Other Alternative Activities" (Footshow)
C. No pussy face or ass pics on my profile
D. The Harem scares most boys off
E. I am incredibly honest and a one boobed pot smoking fat woman scares many off.

I find it refreshing. I still read about women having a bad time with too many emails on here it's usually a good laugh.

These days if and when I do get an email it is from a guy who has taken time to get to know me before writing (you can do that by watching the footshow a couplafew times) and then the mails I get are GREAT.
IMHO Australia should just float on up over here, cause I get some of the best most thoughtful people from down there.

Americans now (US American Men) the smart ones that share my sense in brain style are few and far between, but I find them too. Canadians are around too but it's mostly those UK and Europe boys I find (must be a time-zone thingie)

Anyway I am happy to report that the harem is doing well, though I have set a steep goal of 5 men 5 cities 5 years and am being waaaaayy too picky about the German boy, so let's try again; German boy: You must live in North Germany, I don't care East or west but please dress like a Hamburger. (ie between my buns)I actually think your sachseln is sexy (Ja AUCH)if done correctly.

shylena256 42F
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11/2/2006 11:09 pm

this is a random coment.

part of an experiment

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