The Adventures of Olga and Vodka part 1. Olga's first Spacelog  

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4/17/2006 8:25 am

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The Adventures of Olga and Vodka part 1. Olga's first Spacelog

Greetings Komrade Vodka Drinkupski!

I, Olga NoKockinOvaEvah, report dutifully to you, my dearest companion at Ground Control.
The space flight is very interesting so far. The years of training, locked away in a 0-G room wearing nothing but Gravity boots and an Iron chastity belt fashioned from the scraps left over after the great Iron Curtain SEW-a-Thon-ski of 1950-1989 are finally paying off.

Yes my friend I remember it well; you and I, but small children then, playing in the snowy streets of Kommuninsk, wearing our tattered sickle-cell-and-hammer Tshirts, proudly building our liitle Snow-Leninskis when the men from RussiaSpaceControlski found us and told our mother’s they would train us well and they did, they did.
I did not know they would separate us and train us each, isolated from the worldski, until this fateful day when we will become the biggest Heroes ever seen and make our babushkas so very very proud. I know now, that you were trained in electronics and tied to many machines and electrodes in just as strict a way as I was forced to live and breathe in that 0G room, avoiding floating bubbles of my own excrement and hoping they would fix the system. And the food was worse than your mother’s Borscht that we always used to dye a red coat on to our snow-Leninskis rather than eat, I am sorry my friend, but you also must remember the truth. Vodka, I was allowed to keep only one posession after they “recruited” us thatfateful and proud day. Tomorrow when we make contact I will show you what it is, the hat from monkey-fur you gave me to keep my earski’s warm, yes you will see your old hat again ha! Ha! Ha! The joys my friend of our reunification, if but over the space station. We can once again be friends! I am very pleased as I know you are but I will also not forget my misson!
Also I will be relieved and am joyed and thankful to be able to trust my life in your hands, the hands of a true Komrade!!
Komrade I must tell you now on the internet-space to ground control safety connection, what I could not tell you when I saw your face today on the telecast. Oh how it joys me to see you again Vodka after all these many long years, we were but children, drinking our thinned down Borscht together, but you were my best friend then, and how proud I am to see you now as a brave strong Russki man!!
Oh Vodka I am so glad that we now can finally working together this lovely journey of ours where I, OLGA NoKockinOvaEvah, will bekom the first causmonauttette to fly into lonely cyber-space where it is dark and cold.... and find alien species and show them how the love of the female species can working. But Vodka, one secret ok?, I fear I do not know myself what this Loveski thing is, and fuckski I have NEVER tried, only Jetski, and one time flottski, but that will be our secret eh? I know the loyalties of a friendship as long as ours will keep the lips as zipped as my IronCurtain Chastity belt has been this many long time we are apart.

I will make our country proud komrade! With my Cuntry I will do it!

And you, my ground controller, will guide me safely, I trust.

Our Ship, the Setpinski, is large and almost lonely.
Today I thought I heard a faint hammering in the heel, uh mean Hull.
I will the inspekting doing my Komrade, and reporting to you the famous results.

Am I maybe not alone?
Who is on board the Stepinski with Olga NoKockinOvaEvah?

A KGB agent? (just checking that i am good)
A CIA spy? (the bastards! I will kill him!)
A Stowaway? (who was doing security last night Vodka?)
I am telling you soon what I found in the back of the boot, i mean boat.

Until then Komrade, please accept my greetings.

In the name of the Motherland!
I go to the Otherland!

Up, up, and away!
Your devoted childhood friend, and now very proud Komradette,


shylena256 42F
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11/2/2006 11:12 pm

this is a random comment.

part of an experiment

alphuctup 40M

11/8/2006 1:43 am

Hmmm Olga sounds a bit scary...wouldn't mind a go in the 0-G room though!

shylena256 42F
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11/8/2006 2:04 am

    Quoting alphuctup:
    Hmmm Olga sounds a bit scary...wouldn't mind a go in the 0-G room though!
Well I guess Boris will have to be looking for some other, sexier, with better dental hygiene kind of a girl

I offered you my best )

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