Okay I brought it on myself... but I got the COOLEST NEW NICKNAME!  

shylena256 42F
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8/14/2006 1:24 am

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11/20/2006 10:11 am

Okay I brought it on myself... but I got the COOLEST NEW NICKNAME!

I went to a blog and talked shit!
And now i have the COOLEST new name!
Yeti! (Yes that's me furry, and big-footed)
I am tickled at the nick name because it is so cuddly and it doesn't have the word mama in it (Oh GAWD how hate that word being used on me)

The guy who's blog I visited was having fun talking shit about fat chicks, inevitably half of the bbw and not so skinny world came out to try and talk sense into him. Most everybody had the same approach: explain why they are fat (usually not diet) and try and get this guy to see that there are exceptions to his general "Fat people are (ugly and) lazy" rule.
I, of course, wanted to comment too, and I DID. In a way that only I can, I came in talking shit like the shit I had read on this blog.
Disheartening to me was all these women trying to get through to this shitforbrains mysoginist by EXPLAINING WHY THEY WERE THE WAY THEY WERE.
First someone explain to me why an asswipe should get my full life weight story, he had already said it was all about first impressions.
Let me say this: My first impression of this guy by reading his blog was "GRADE B Fuckwit".
It IS true you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
My first impression had been made by reading the post from beginning to end and watching this guy fawn over people telling them they are obviously on the right track and that they are not the kind of fat people he is talking about.
No amount of back pedaling or fawning seems to have gotten it through your brain that every single person who answered you and said they were overweight can not be the exception.

See the thing that you missed out on, though amilliongazillion pounds of patient womanflesh tried to tell you that before I came along with my fatwads in a knot, is that your first impression may be wrong cuz your first impression seems to be "This person is not healthy and does not care for themselves"
Then you have all these lovely, intelligent women showing their insecurities by posting to you their entire stories about how they were always big or how they got sick, all the way down to telling you and the world their fucking cholesterol count and eating habits because you touched a nerve that puts people on the defensive.
At which point asswas comments "GOD Fat people are so defensive"
JesusmotherandMary I found this guy to be a fuckwit with his answers. Who would let such an insensitive GIT into their pussy? Oh I know I know women do the darndest things to feel loved.
My best friend was looking all kate-mossy and she gained enough weight (7 lbs) to look more like Wynona Ryder, so her asswipe excuse of a boyfriend gave her an unasked for, unappreciated general slap-in-the-face Birthday present of a gym membership...it's asswipes like that that chicks fall for.
The subject of weight when put in the hands of insensitive idjits like this guy is EXPLOSIVE but NOT productive.
(Yes that is the sound of my second fatwad exploding in amazement as I read on! Duck !!!Ectoplasmic Cellulite is flying through cyberspace as I type)

What am I trying to say?
Oh yeah I was reading this asswipes post and I decided, well this is one woman who is not gonna try and make any excuses to a fuckwad who wouldn't know a brain if it crawled out his left nostril and attempted to reenter through any other oriface on his cranial cavity.
I wrote that I am fat cuz I am lazy and I wouldn't fuck him anyway and he came back dissing me (surprise) but funnily enough he somehow sensed that the fat bitch comments wouldn't hurt me and decided to dis me according to the one physical trait that I am completely in control of: MY FOOT SIZE. (Points for braininess there)
And thus the new nick-name of "Yeti." Unfortunately for asswipe, Yeti has struck my funny bone and I think I will adopt it to my other nickname I recently got (Ghetto Ho) oh hurt me hurt me.

So suffice it to say that the azzwad has made me happy by rising to the bait of my comment, as I did his, and proving once and for all that he really IS a fat person hater (read self-loathing cuntwad)
If you have time to read the smaller details in his post you see a fear of aging and death (it's gonna get you anyway sweetcakes) and a self-hatred of the fat person said asswipe had become before he slimmed down.
But not able to simply say of himself "Hey it was hard but I am proud of myself and hey, check out what I've done, like for example Atomicartist and other humans have, he says "Hey! Look at all those nasty fat people!! Look Over there FAT SLOBS WANNA GET LAID!!!" Fuck that just blows that overweight people lose their libido argument, doesn't it?

And just what is wrong with America's fat youth?
It must be a nurture thing, so let's look at the parents who poke their kids in front of the ______(you fill in the blank)___ and then take them to Mickey Ds.
A few years ago I saw a programme about child obesity, and former UdSSR and China were RIGHT up there.
The pic I am tying to post shows where the fattest kids are and it is not, as my hero states, exclusive to the developed world, but I digress.

My new name is Yeti.
I really should stop gorging on the footshow, my damn feet wont stop growing. And I will never get a chance to meet a real man with these honking puppies.

Anyway, yeah it's tough to find a guy in the real world where the chances are 50-50... I will stick around here where the odds are in my favor more to the tune of 50-1, me being the one, and just take my lazy pick....

And yes it is nice not to have a pic of my corpulence as a profile photo because it saves me from the unwanted emails from asswipes trying to tell me to go on a diet when all I am willing to do is get laid as I am and feel sexy the whole damn time.
Now about the asswipe that inspired this post and gave me the cool name, I *chose* to go to his blog, I *chose* to keep reading and to become incensed about the asswitfuckwipeshitforbrains drivel that I saw slurping all over the page with it's shimmery line of dimwit secretion showing up in every second comment and I chose to leave a nasty comment there as well as come on back to my own blog and whine about it.
I am aware that If I don't like what I see I can move on.
I decided to do this, so don't no body come telling me I shouldn't whine about it.
I want to.
And yes I can be insecure about my weight too, don't believe me?

How We See Ourselves

Your loving Yeti

AtomicArtist0 45M
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8/14/2006 5:58 pm

well put, my fine footed friend. I can guess who your offender might be but I don't think he's the same entity I'm having a war of the worlds with over at my place. If he so happens to be the Alien Ambassador I'm struggling with, let me know as I'm collecting data on him (and winning). If not, I feel your struggle as some of my very dear friends on here are going through the same thing...and possibly with the same person. Keep safe, stay protected under the terms of use here and get your word out. With dedication, you will win this.

shylena256 42F
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8/14/2006 11:19 pm

Child SHHHHHH I am not getting emails now and I don't want them don't let the secret out that I'm sex-AY. Besides, Yeti may be beastiality and I do NOT want to violate the TOU around here.

Atomic It was not(!) gasp (!) your Alien Ambassador. Dude I READ that post when you were on 60 hits and yesterday I saw you had over 1000, now why can't puking Elvis do that????

No It was/is a steroid pumped grandpa. I sent him an email asking if I could link to his post as I had written such an "inspired and inflammatory" blog on the subject, but the small dicked wiener never wrote back to say if I could or should so I didn't- a bit of etiquette exists in the caves where Bigfoot was raised.
So no I haven't linked it Yeti (badampdamp) because I haven't got no permission from the cuntwad.
The Alien Ambassador stayed away from me, why I don't know since I tried to interact with it months ago, blessings of being a Yeti I guess, when "They" only want human blood. I think the aliens can smell a NO-shit-Taker from a mile away and racism works in my favor sometimes, cuz don't nobody wanna piss off a big black woman, we have a reputation and be it true or false..... I have been spared.
OR maybe he smelled that I have an IUD, and thus with no hope of impregnating me.... or was it the thought of changing diapers on all thise little pairs of feet... I dunno I dunno, but I was spared the bugeyed Besuch.
No I was bored and sniffing around through some blogs when I found STEROIDASS talking shit and some of our most respected women on here trying to talk sense. I didn't try to talk sense, just grabbed my tomahawk and cut to the chase "Maaa--aaaaaan I wouldn't fuck you anyway!" Same as fuckwad said fat people are sensitive, well insecure straight men get scared when ANYONE (including gay men fat chicks and trannies) says they wouldn't fuck them ( you can hear the echo in their brains "Where's ma mojo?")
So ummmm....No not the aliens. Just regular Id-wads

Any oldschool blogger wanna tell me if I can and should link to fuckwads post anyway?

rm_4it921 61M
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8/15/2006 1:42 am

I have not enjoyed a good rant from someone so much in ages. Good on you.


shylena256 42F
1967 posts
8/15/2006 3:17 am

Hey Thanks! I especialy like the word Cuntwad... I am convinced I made it up in my rage, if I didn't don't no one come tell me please cause I am loving it!

And what about your ex?
Mine called me up all excited about his first kiss and budding relationship with his former musical partner.
fucking bitches all of them

AtomicArtist0 45M
6015 posts
8/15/2006 6:58 pm

hah! my first guess was someone with 'roid rage but I didn't know he was a grandpa. maybe I'm still thinking of the wrong guy. Eh, either way...good post. and I know first hand the passion and fury of a big black woman...ohhh, boy!

shylena256 42F
1967 posts
8/16/2006 2:05 am

Well Update on Cuntwad- I guess he was getting too much Flack for the post. As well as having outed himself as a horrible mysoginist, or maybe someone complained? I hope not I would much rather believe his cock crawled back up in him and he realized what fucking Slitwipe he looked like and pulled it himself, I was basking in his vileness.
Anyway his post is gone, so the question of whether or not to link it is moot.

Silkditty - Child Obesity, because in China a fat baby is seen as a sign of luck or prosperity, and with the advent of McDonalds hitting there, the grandparents are feeding the babies all fat, not realizing that in this brave new world that fat could very well stick around.
And former UdssR and Germany were also in the top 5 for ADULT obesity.
Yep the Documentary was from Europe and was saying "Look guys it is NOT just an American thing, but it does appear to be a western capitalistic thing."

MissAnnThrope 56F
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8/20/2006 5:43 am

The post is still linked, but your comment seems to be gone. I mean, I am just guessing that you mean [post 457316] is the post you're talking about.

I was so tempted to comment that I was fat because I even have my McDonald's delivered and I was sitting here with a three pound box of Godiva chocolates. But he and the women especially who commented about how they felt the same way really pissed me off. How many thin people drop dead of heart attacks while jogging every year? So, I let him know how I really felt instead.

shylena256 42F
1967 posts
8/21/2006 1:17 am


Yes that's the post. And asswad erased the evil things he said, because much like the fairy-tale sisters there was just snakes and frogs falling out of his mouth.

I had written him and asked him if I could link to his post because I found it so inspriring, he never even wrote back because he is what guys like him call a pussy.

silverbreeze2 65F

11/20/2006 9:02 am

You said a mouth full, loved it!

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