Does anybody even know what time it is?  

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Does anybody even know what time it is?

Well in researching the time zones for Rappahannock I learned something new.

Never say I can't admit to being wrong, 'cause kids I was wrong.
My time of the footshow ranging between 9 am and 9 pm GMT was OFF by an hour.
See I was foolishly assuming that all U.K. time was Greenwich mean time, but see, I had forgotten to take that much-debated subject Day Light Savings Time into consideration.
Now, the Island Monkeys may be mushy pea mashing, 4 for a pound pie-eating muckabouts but they are not so backwards that they don't use the clever cool shit of turning the clock this way and that way to trick ourselves into thinking we are saving electricity and in some places earning an extra hour in the pub once a year., Nope the Brits are just as fucked as the rest of us in that regard. Except of course the city of Grinch... uh Greenwich)
Ya see Grinch was so mean (Oh wait you know that story?)
Okay anyway the city of Greenwich, see, has a hold of time. They have fuckallelse to be proud of but they are the timekeepers of this lil planet of ours.
So I do not know why Peter Cetera even bothered to sing "Does anybody even really know what time it is? Does anybody realy care?" As a fucking world travelling monster he should have known that shit. I mean duh, the answer is "The GRINCH."
So Greenwich, being so mean as to keep ahold of time for the rest of us and then to dictate to the sun what it has to do and where it has to go etc. etc. etc., Grinch has named it's version of time Grinch Meantime also known as GMT.
Anyways a couple a few years back some fucking time anarchists got the cool Idea to name this GMT into something else, kinda like atheists calling it C.E. for common Era when EVERYBODY knows it should be A.D. for Alice Donut but... oh well that's fucking anarchists for you and the pc bleeders too. Saying "shit like that ain't cool" and forcing us all to stop saying nigger bitch and dyke, but I digress.
The PC Time-Anarchists got this cool idea to call GMT UTC for Coordinated Universal Time (why they didn't abbreviate that into CUT I cannot say), thinking that would equalize the world and lessen the Grinch's tight grip on our respective societies. Of course this was a mistaken gesture and only resulted in "fascicizing" the Grinch, because now instead of us getting to call it like it is: GMT Grinch Mean Time, now we are now forced to
a)Stop dissing the Grinch by calling it Mean, which although not pc, is somehow true,
and b)Accept the Grinches word as the Universal Common Denominator (which we already did but it didn't hurt as bad as long as we still got to diss the Grinch when we talked)
Any way what I am trying to get at is, the Grinch has hold of time but the FUCKING Grinch dont do Daylight Savings so actually in all actuality the fotshow has been hapening between 8 am GMT or UTC for you anarchistic pc time-bleeders, and 8 pm of self said time.

But still all of ya'll can't maybe just figure it out.
There is a place called time and date that I was able to write as one word into my adress bar and it worked to help me to tell you what time it is

SOOO If It IS Tuesday, 8 am GMT ( I am old school babies!)
Here is a bit about where around the world what time it is:

The lil asterisks indicate that monster Daylight Savings , the huge bank account with many rewards for us all.
Notice that some places are totally fucking cool and have 30 minutes and 45 minutes instead of a full hour.

Honolulu Tue 10:00 PM
Vancouver * Wed 1:00 AM
San Francisco * Wed 1:00 AM
New Orleans * Wed 3:00 AM
Atlanta * Wed 4:00 AM
Miami * Wed 4:00 AM
Brasilia Wed 5:00 AM
London * Wed 9:00 AM
Amsterdam(Haarlem)*Wed 10:00 AM
Jerusalem * Wed 11:00 AM
Dubai Wed 12:00 Noon
Kathmandu Wed 1:45 PM
Bangkok Wed 3:00 PM
Melbourne Wed 6:00 PM
Auckland Wed 8:00 PM
Chatham Island Wed 8:45 PM

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