Do Your Duty Footshow Friend  

shylena256 42F
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8/16/2006 5:29 am
Do Your Duty Footshow Friend

Yes I am making a big fuss about it.
You have heard me toying with the idea for the
last week or so.
Well I have done it.

I made a group cuz I am sick of my eyes getting hurt in the chatroom.
Seriously I'm going crosseyed.
I will still grace that room with my footessence from time to time, we will need the fodder, but I am trying something new here too friends.

Evolve with me, will ya?

Foot Show Music Friends

If you have already made it into my friend's network you can also find a bulletin with a lil blurb about it.

I have tried to email known die hard footshow fans from my friend's network with the news but I reached my daily Limit of emails when I got to H.. so I think Haesje got an email, as did Calor and Childofthe70s, but Joesoap, Look4dreams, tjo4u, Westend_Vancity and others may be getting an invite at a later date. It does not mean that I am stupid enough to have overlooked you, it just means I never strectched my daily limit of emails to the brink before. And now I know it stops at 10 for me. I just never tried spamming before today.

Oh well live and learn.

Did I say Foot Show Music Friends yet(i)?

The thing about the groups is, not only can you post in a nice forum and talk about bands and shit there amongst yourselves, no the really nice thing is that you get your own lil private chatroom for your group to interact in. Kewl huh?

Thought so.

So go there cuz as of now I am gonna leave this blog for my weird blogginess and start posting footshow playlists elsewhere in a lil niche I have made.
Maybe my blog won't move so fast, but I bet it will contain more sentences

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