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8/2/2005 1:46 am

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Had an interesting discussion with friend it so bad to be co-dependant?

I guess it depends on the other person. If you go out and hook up with first person you meet because you are lonely and have to be with someone, not good.

If you are co-dependant on an asshole who treats you like crap but you keep taking it because you are afraid to be alone, not good.

But if you are with a truly caring and loving individual, then co-dependance becomes the ideal relationship. Two people becoming one, sharing their lives together in harmony. But then I guess it is not really co anymore, but mutual love...

I was co-dependant once with a woman who used it for her own devices. I loved her dearly, treated her like a goddess, and couldn't understand why she started turning away from me, leaving for days at a time, was sick all the time. All I wanted was to help the woman I loved, and I did'nt know how. It was pure hell for several months until I finally leaved her after she showed up with another guy after being gone for a week.
Then I almost killed myself over her.

I found out months later that she was addicted to meth and just using me to provide a crash pad for her to come off her highs...probably used some of our "rent" money to support her habit too...

I was co-dependant because I put up with it for so long, let her use me. Which also made me a provider for her habit, albeit unknowingly.

I dream someday of becoming co-dependant for that special woman who truly deserves it, and who will share that love with me. I would treat her like a goddess, and in turn she would grant me with her love.

'nuff said. sk.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

8/11/2005 1:39 am

hey hun...............yes sounds like co dependcy as defined by most is bad..........LOL I use to have somwhat of same problem.

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