Romantic misadventures of Sir Lolalot...Part Deux  

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Romantic misadventures of Sir Lolalot...Part Deux

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When we last left our hapless knight, he had just gone out on the prom from hell...for his date anyways...for him it was an epiphany. It really is true that you can have fun with someone else...just look at the other couple making out in the limo lol
Out of high school, first job. Packing and shipping books-on-cassette for a mail-order company. Great crew that I worked with there. One was a guy named Keith that for some reason took me under his wing. He was the typical 21 year old popular guy with a girlfriend, rich parents, and cool friends. He invited me to my first party...a kegger no less...where I got promptly plastered and crawled off into a closet after throwing my glasses into the fireplace...Ahh, those were the days lol
I partied with Keith and his crew alot for a few years. Watched as he grew more in love with his girlfriend, and as he broke up with his girlfriend, and as he got a new girlfriend. I was the faithful sidekick who got them home safe from a party where crashing was not allowed...and I loved every minute of it.
He got me my first date. I paid him $100 to set me up with someone that I was guaranteed a kiss from. And I got it. My first kiss was at age 21 from a girl affectionately known as "Chunky Monkey"...and well worth the 100$ lol. BTW that is the closest I have ever gotten to paying for it lol.
Keith went on to become a Cali Highway Patrol Officer in San Francisco...only talked to him a couple of times since his graduation from the acadamy, but I owe him alot.
Did the bar scene for several years...met a few women, but no real relationships.
Until SHE came along.
That, folks, is called a "hook". To be continued

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8/13/2005 9:42 pm

cool story, enjoyed it...............

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