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8/5/2005 11:07 pm

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Out of office

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Besides my veterinary assistant job, I also do alot of house/pet sitting in my area. I stay overnight at peoples homes when they are away on vacation or whatnot. This is usually anywhere from a weekend to a week or 2. This is a great second income for me, especially housesitters with animal experience are high demand. I am usually not at home during the summer for more that a couple of days per month, and every month I have at least a week or so of jobs.
I dont mind it much--I dont have much of a home life anyways, and it lets me see how other people live, gives me insight in all kinds of personalities.
2 problems...it can get lonely sometimes, staying at a stranger's house all alone for days on end.
And sometimes I have no computer access...which really sucks for the lonliness thing because I cant log on and chat with my friends here.
If I am close enough to work, then I will come down to the clinic and logon late at night. Someday the boss may catch me, or some cop might think that I am stealing drugs or something...Until then, I will continue to come here after hours and talk with my friends to ease the loneliness...Plus I can visit with the patients who are here overnight

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