Moving on...  

shyknight2005 42M
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12/2/2005 1:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Moving on...

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Ok back from a long hiatus...A lot has happened this past 6 weeks or so, which most of my loyal viewers already know about, and I will NOT talk about here...It only lends strength to a bad happening, and I am moving on quite well, thank you very much. I have discovered that people can change on you in a heartbeat, do things that you never thought them to be capable of doing, which has completely trashed my trust and confidence in the human race...once again lol. Suffice it to say that a certain female friend has taken advantage of me and my trust, and naivete, to try to make my life and the lives of friends of mine go to hell...Fortunatly I have made stronger friends in dealing with the situation, and have learned some valuable lessons about internet security and protecting your identity...

The trust thing is however severly compromised...again...

This is not the first time someone I cared about used me and my stupidity for their own means and manipulations. People who know me know how important trust and communication is to me and to betray those things just makes me want to withdraw and go live in a cave with a pack of wolves somewheres...preferably in the Lake Tahoe area

So now leaning on the shoulders of the few strong friends that I have left and putting my faith in them to not go postal on me...tho it wouldnt be the first time. Dont know what else to do...I went too many years with little social contact to completely withdraw again...besides, that would just mean that she won, and I am not going to give her, or her little bird friend, that victory...

If there is a lesson out there from all this, it is to be careful of what information you give the people you are supposedly friends may just come back to bite you and the people around you...

As for people who give others personal information about someone to be made ridiculed publicly, all I can say is that I am a stronger person than them by not publishing potentially embarrasing information about them...I am a better person than some other people out there, or at least try to be...

Anyways, thank you friends for your all know who you are

PS...vienna sausages are tastier than kiwis

Will be back with more ramblings as the mood seems fit..TC Y'all

demonicsexkitten 41F
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12/2/2005 3:51 pm

umm.. i think i don't want to know about the sausages vs kiwis part

but... i'm not sure if this email has anything to do with me or not. but it's a good and strong post regardless. i commented unfairly about somebody in my blog earlier... i think you posted this after i did that. I erased the name, so he'll just be a faceless, handle-less, anonymous person in the wide world of odd ppl messaging from AdultFriendFinder and being complained about. i hope i didn't disappoint you, dear friend... though i know i did myself. *blush*

Fox4aKnight1 43F

12/3/2005 2:37 pm

I have wanted to post here but I didn't want to just throw anything out. So I have been waiting till I could take some time to comment in detail. I am so glad you have a few friends left and I am truely sorry that that person has underminded your trust in most of the rest ofthe human race. I belive that most of the human rac is simply people and that they sometimes control what they say and what they do and in some cases that is out of their control. You know my thoughts on this one person. I am not as good as you in being able to restrain saying anything about someone least in one way or aother. I am not as restrained. The reasons being numorous and without number. I can say that one of the advatages of my problem/sickness is that I can also forget. In time you will see this as a minor bump in your life and you will go on wser and warier. I have a tendency to speak my mind as tactfully as possible but also if that does not work as bluntly as possible. I place only a few conditions on my friendships and relationships .........speak truth to me, and I will do the same with you. I do my upmost best not to lie or misdirect anyone as to how I feel or how I see a stuation. Purely because how can someone understand what I am trying to say if I only give a hint. I have noticed (abiet dimly) that the human race as a whole are not mind readers and cannot automatically pick up what I MEAN as opposed to what I say. You and I have discussed this on many occasions. I will take anything someone says as face value (within limits) till it has been shown that they are not telling the truth. t is the only way I have found that seems to work for me on a regular basis to help keep me fairly sane and at least sane enough to take care of myself. I wade daily thru the BS of the rooms and the little gossiping and occasional backstabbing the usual attention ploys and the falling in love (usually in lust) with someone that happens daily here on AdultFriendFinder. for the most part the things that happen here move me very little and I get too confused to be able to take it all in. I have found though that at certian levels that theere is a fundamental core of love and caring from people to the other people. But there is also the rare exceptions. In either case. (I so hate it when I go off on a tangentLO I think that the walls of yours have gone back up but they need not be as high if you remember that all people are not the same. (god how boring would that be) So not all folks are untrustworthy. just as some are not trustworty at all. You are at a point where you really need a way of dealing wth it all w/out letting this sort of thing smash you nearly back to bedrock on the trust factor. I hope that you will know that when you need or want heplp in that area I am here as are your regular friends. We care and think you are a great friend and would hate to see yourself islating yourself do to someone elses misconceptions and expectations........Be yourself, be what you want to be and if others don't like it shoot them a bird. You have every right to be just who you want to be. That means that your friends are there for you and vice versa but that does not mean that they should e telling you how you live. But I think you know that. I have also found that anyonethat placces any limitations on friendships are not really a friend but want a yes person or a sympathiser. I find that my friends that disagree with me almost if at times not more valuable than the friends that agree with me. Cause the friends that disagree with me let me know that I may be wrong. And meabe, just meabe I can look and fix it if I am wrong. I want to gro and live. I don't want to stay in one place and stagnate. Anyhow I think I have addressed your post and said some much needed things in general......and also some things I needed to make clear on my own as well. thanks for letting me be your friend and thanks for putting this post up and making me really think hugs KO

shyknight2005 42M
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12/4/2005 5:42 pm

Thank you both, are two of the friends that I mentioned that have helped me through this tough time, and I truly appreciate you being there for me

Fox4aKnight1 43F

12/8/2005 10:58 am

hugs Knight and *soft hugs* you are a good friend sweetie ....

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