Not Just Any Man  

shychurchmouse 49F
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4/24/2006 12:40 am

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4/19/2007 3:57 pm

Not Just Any Man

I made a choice years ago not to allow men in my house as male suiters or playmates or whatever you decide to call them.

This is not only because I know my children are enough to make the Pope run away scared for his life, but also because I have been witness to the tragedy of children becoming attached to the parents significant other; only to be hurt when they decide for whatever reason the relationship can not continue.

The children build up a relationship with him or her and then are left with the heartbreak of losing someone in their life also.

I decided not to parade any other man in front of my children besides their father (that is enough for their therapist to deal with later in life).

During my last relationship; I had to explain to my gentleman friend that although he was permitted to come down and visit with me, he could not stay at my house. Therefore I would make him a reservation at a local hotel.

Of course he was very understanding of my wishes and even told me "You know I am not just any other man, I am different (or this is different can't remember the exacts words)".

My children know of this gentleman and even attended a few meals with us as a couple in the four months this relationship lasted. They did not however get to form a bond with him.

As you can probably already tell, this relationship has recently ended. During one of my recent trips down memory lane trying to figure out what I did wrong to cause yet another relationship to turn sour; I recounted to him my reasons not to allow men into my children's lives.

I am an emotional wreck after this break-up, more so then I thought I would be. However I am thankful I stuck to my guns and did not allow my children to form a real bond or attachment to my male companion. I am not saying my children came out of this unscathed, as they still have my emotions to deal with. They however, do not feel like they were the ones rejected.

rm_ebo2u2 53M

4/24/2006 1:59 am

I don't think you'll be celibate forever; those b-day orgies and the vroooom of the gas powered tools...
You are right in protecting the children's emotions but what plays a bigger role probably is "do men keep leaving", if they are to be in relationships of their own, will they expect the same?

You are just as normal as the rest of us, some just bury those hurt/lost/frustrated emotions and there is the occassional sociopath/sexoholic.

Hang in there shy mouse. Margeritaville is a great escape and funnn...did those pics cum fedex? or by way of personal delivery?
Just a newbie stopping by.

ldftb1 35M
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4/24/2006 2:13 am

win some you loose some, such is life, i do think you made the right choice though for the kids sake, shows you care and put them before anything else, you are a good mother, a freind of mine recently got chucked out of her house by her mother because the mother has a new boyfriend, shame

shychurchmouse 49F
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4/24/2006 2:16 pm

ebo thanks and well the pics hmm cum via the internet. Very nice pics also

shychurchmouse 49F
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4/24/2006 4:40 pm

ldftb1 wait what? You win some? Where do you sign up for that?

rm_unzipme48 63M/54F
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4/11/2007 6:33 pm

His loss not yours...You where doing what you thought best,following your heart....My nephews could make the Pope run away...But they have had enough heartache in their short lives...Good looking out...You've had enough heartache also,but in life we are dealt what feels like more then our far share...
Is nothing wrong with you...Men just want their cake and eat it too...
Someone someday will find you and will hold on for the ride of their life,and they won't let go,cuz I think you are worth holding on too...I have for years....

shychurchmouse 49F
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4/19/2007 3:57 pm

Sis aww thanks but your paid to think that way.

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