writing erotic fiction  

shyblueeyes1968 48M
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6/22/2006 4:41 am
writing erotic fiction

It's been a funny old week, you know, when you lack any real humth or zest, just work, work and more work. Oh and bit of study as well. I have hardly managed any time on my erotic writing. Pieces on the go at the moment, one is about a young women who is a exbitionist and gets into trouble on a train, and the other is about revenge, bondage and lesibians...but you'll have to wait until i get myself togetrher and complete the work.

What make the process difficult is the amount of effort that i try to put into my erotic writing, i not just writing wank stories, and also, my target audience is female. One of the interesting difference about men and women, is in the type of fiction they read, men seem to like simple and to the point, that is lot of penertration and banging away, women like complex and detial, plenty of build up and foreplay.

I think this is also reflected in real sex as well, and gose some way to explaning why many women try the bisexual experience.

Well thats my thought for the day.

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