The End of the World is 50 minutes away...OH no i forgot to take my library books back.......  

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6/5/2006 3:25 pm

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The End of the World is 50 minutes away...OH no i forgot to take my library books back.......

Hmmmm, they are going on about the world ending at 12 midnight, because it is the 6th day, of the 6th month, of the 6th year. The mark of the beast, personnelly i would be more worried if it was the year 6000. Anyway, who are we to assume that the world is going to end 12 midnight, London Time....

Yes, i am often up late, with Virgin Radio, Jeoff and Annable to keep me body else...just poor old me...well there is the dog...who is lying on my bed snooring...of course she denies it...LOL.

Hey, we with just spent over £300.00, which is about 550 in USD, because her eyeball was punchured by another cat claw...and we have been trying to save her eyesite in that eye, then it was trying to save the eye, and then, the eyeball burst...sorry if you are she had to have the eye removed. Well now, she's gone missing...we think somebody has taken her, so I have spent the day on the phone, to vets, the animal rescure people, to see if she turns up there, and every telegraph pole (funny how we still call them telegraph poles) in the area as a poster. What i think is that some busy body has picked her up.

Other than that, i have an excellant start to the week, its monday, and i have had my highest weekly income to date for the business, and i still have the rest of the week to go...pity that the world is going to end in...let me look, 39 minutes...damn i should be in bed with at least 3 young ladies LOL.

Its on days like that i feel really good about being self-employed, when you have created something, and it sells for an awful lot of money....

PS the picture is just a random pic that caught my facy...hmmm sexy...she looks like a cat thats about to pounce on her prey......oh to be that mouse...yummmmmy

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