Michelangelo, seeing the master through his drawings  

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5/19/2006 2:41 pm

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Michelangelo, seeing the master through his drawings

Hmmmmmmm been well over a week since my last reply. Well thats because i've been slaving over work bench working my little fingures to the bone. Anyway, yesterday I treated myself to a day out into the City (London), its only £10.30 return outside of peak times, which is quite good.

Booked myself into a lecture at the British Museum, the First Gay Kiss, homosexuality in Ancient Egypt. Although it could also be titled something along the lines of the misinterpretation of archaeological artifacts to support a viewpoint. Never the less, a very good lecture. And more importantly there was some top totty there too, sorry terrible way to put it, but some very pretty and highly intelligent women in the audience.

I also went to the Michelangelo Exhibition, Michelangelo Drawings: Closer to the master. Now i have always admired his work, but the display of his scetches and letters and the way they were related to his completed work as really hightend my understanding the master. It's also really inspired me to get my arse into gear and start drawing properly...incidently would love to hear from anybody who would to sit as a model, male or female.

Again some very attractive woman and young ladies there too, on inparticular who was standing and drawing, impressive as it was, but more so considering just how crowded it was. Anyway i chattered with her for a while, but lack the nerve to take it any further. Never mind, but still i am planning to go again, and also i because i remembered while use to go to the museum so much as a teenager....the beauty of the exhibits are so overwhelming and so inspirational.

While i was there i also looked at the Warren Cup, but i shall write more about that later.

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