Is my life really dull?  

shyblueeyes1968 48M
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5/2/2006 2:52 pm
Is my life really dull?

Well, the problem with having a blog is that you really need something to write about, well you don't, because quite a few of people seem to be able to generate write shite by the page. Anyway, I would like to think that i am not in that group.

Of course this brings me back to the original statement, which is that you really need to have something to write about. The problem for me is, not only do i think my current life style is dull from other peoples point of view, I know that other people think that LOL.

So essentially this is my live over the past few days, I've worked, in so far, that being self-employed, and that my work is basically me creating and making things, normal working hours and terms like weekend have no meaning. In addition i work at home, my work room/studio, is less that foot from my bedroom. That said, i do run a global operation, my work goes all over the world. In addition to my work, i may is inter space with study, i have research interests in Heritage Studies, and in particular its role in Identify and Place, and it's roll in Europe conflicts.

Hmmm what else did i do, surf the net, but then again quite a lot of that relates to the previous activities. Perv on the AdultFriendFinder members on webcam, hey i never said i was perfect. And finally after months of thinking about, i started drawing for pleasure, this is one of those things that you use to do a lot, along with painting, but let it go, and takes so much effort to get back into the habit.

So that was it really, i took the dog for a few walks, did some writing, both academic and for pleasure, if writing erotic fiction can be called writing for pleasure.

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