House Trained  

shyblueeyes1968 48M
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7/29/2006 2:26 am
House Trained

Hot Hot hot that my glasses keep slipping of my face while i am working, espiecally when i am painting...I have have fans on the windows open.

Today was suppose to be cooler....COOLer not here its not. and as for all the rain the UK is getting, well its not rained here either, we are watering the plants with the bath water, which i am siphoning out of the bath tube with a pipe. Some get reported me for using a hosepipe, when i expalined to the water company guy what i was doing he was a bit embasseded.

Today i finished the step in the garden, with a lovely seashell patterns from shells i collected from the beach....

And yes, i lift the toliet seat and put it down when i am finished, i cook, and i do the wahing and the ironing....well actually i try to avoid clothes that need ironing, but my white cottens, i iron. Not so hot on the hovering...i tend to do it when it need doing...

So on the whole fairly house trained, oh I take my boots of, wipe my feet, i don't dripple my food,
pick my nose, at least not in public or company....

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