Last time I throw a block party.  

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7/9/2005 10:55 pm

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Last time I throw a block party.

Well last year I opened my big mouth a said " I throw the block party next year".
One Year Later........
Why me. My neighbor was helping me give the party. Four days before we give it he backs out. WE had agreed that we would charge $25 for adults and kids free. In the years before People brought a dish or drinks and the money bought the meat.Well this year was diffrent everything was included. Now We it all on me I spent two days shopping for everything. All friday night washing and seasoning the meat. BUt I got a call that someone was mad because they thought the price was to high. Now let's look at this.... For 25 dollars to get to eat and drink all day. I got a keg of beer.9 cases of wine coolers,10 cases of sodas. 3 cases for juice boxes and 2 cases of water.FOr meat i had 40 pounds of ground beef for handmade hamburgers hotdogs, ribs and 40 pounds of chickin. Man that's alot of food as I type it. There was alot more... Plus Appletinis to end the night. I set up music. Went to the dollar store and spent about $75 dollars on stuff for the kids. So anyway this is way to long. lol I'll just say it was the best block party yet. I did fireworks to end the night.... To all who complaned... F-em lol. LEt them top me!!!!!!


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