This Satyr Lives in Bakersfield  

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1/3/2006 8:10 pm

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This Satyr Lives in Bakersfield

I have not always lived in Bakersfield, CA. But, I live here now. I have always been a Shy Satyr.

If you are a sexy woman who crossed my path you might have noticed me looking at you. It is good that you could not really read my mind. You already known that any male looking at you has sex on his mind. It is so much better you don't know the details of the momentary fantasy we are experiencing. Those details really have not so much to do with you as a person but, as us Satyr's as "Sexual Beings".

I can build a full blowed sexual happening on just a smile. I see so many women I would love to make love to. It is good I do not have a flute to play and cause them to lust for me...for the moment. If I had such, I think I would end up living alone in the woods just as the originals Satyrs did.

In the old days there where women who released their lust. They where followers of Dionysus. And, if you where a man alone in the night you did not want to run across a group of these women when they where high and looking for action.

In these modern times there are as many Ladies who want to release their lust as there are men. And, I hope every woman I run across just wants to have fun.

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