Monday Night Is Laundry Night  

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1/16/2006 8:02 pm

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Monday Night Is Laundry Night

Ever since I came to Bakersfield, and at this point I need to said I live in the
"Dale", I have had to go to a Laundry Mat.

I do not what to go into the difference between living in Oildale and living in Bakersfield right now. I know that my profile reads Bakersfield. Let me tell anyone out of town, you would have to live here to know what living in the "Dale" means. And, that will be a post to come.

So, every week going to do the wash has become a fantasy for me. The best case would be bringing in my load to the moans of a singal woman experiancing the joys her off balanced wash could give her. It has never happeded for me.

The best thing I ever saw in a local laundry mat was a woman bending low over her college work and she had no bra and her top was loose. It was nice to see that nipple.

Tonights wash was also atyical. There was a young copule there and at one point I thought they where about to do "It" in front of "ALL". But, it turned out that the lady just wanted to toss the bra she was wearing into the wash. She leaned back agaist the wall and he opend his jacket and held it agaist the wall as he leaned agaist her.

My laudry mat is between a "Rite Aid" and a "Dance Lession" place. By far the girls that go into dance with their leotards are way to young for me to even thing about. But, offten they mothers are pretty hot. And, sometimes the dancers are old enought to drive themselfs.

The Rite Aid also provides some hot women to look at. Ten year old girls don't do anything but, my my eyes are always roving. Tonight I will admit one ten year fixed my attention for a moment. In my own defence I will state she was in full out "Slut" dress and makeup. Even so she may not of caught my eye if she did not already have a rack and a ass.

Women think they have it hard. So far it is only female teachers that are being jailed for fucking the underaged.

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