Fetish or Fantasy?  

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1/11/2006 6:03 pm

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Fetish or Fantasy?

Fetish or Fantasy, some of the stuff in my head seems to fit in both groups. What makes the difference between them?

I would say a fetish is a fantasy that you managed to make a part of your real life. I have a lot of fantasies. Masturbation and the occasional trip to Nevada has been the extent of my real time sex for a few years now.

Some of my fantasies definitely belong in what is called fetish territory. I sometimes get one fantasy stuck in my head and run it over and over again. When "The Virgin" fantasy hit me a few years back I even did some searches on line looking for a virgin. And NO, I was not trolling the streets or the chat rooms looking for 12 year old girls. At the time I thought I might find some ladies who had held on to their cherry for the wedding night but where now old and willing.

Fantasies have a power of their own. I remember one day soon after my sexual awakening, I looked at an Aunt and Uncle of mine. He is about six foot two and she is about four foot ten. My mind began to wonder..."How do they do IT"? Petite women are still one of my fetish/fantasies.

I am not sure that I have any real fetish's. I do enjoy anal stimulation. Most guys do, at lease the guys who have tried it do. Is "Bend over Boy Friend" a fetish or a fantasy? Hmmm, still a fantasy for me.

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